Railway officer shares pic of station master’s desk, netizens react

The job of station chief consists of a number of responsibilities. They not only have to take care of the daily activities of the station, but also take care of the timely arrivals and departures of the trains. To highlight how tough this job can be, a railway official recently shared a picture of the station master’s desk, which went viral. Many people took to the comments section of the post to highlight that Indian Railways needs to ‘adapt to technology’. Several others also appreciated the hard work required to do the job. (Also Read: Indian Railways Staff Throw Garbage From Moving Train. Here’s What Happened Next)

A shot of the station chief’s desk. (X/@prashastisri)

Indian Railway Service (IRTS) officer Prashasti took to X and shared the picture. It shows a table full of landlines and other equipment. He also has various notebooks. In the caption of the post, Constable Prashasti wrote, “Station master’s desk. Show me a busier professional.”

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Check out the post here:

This post was shared on February 6th. Since it was published, it has received more than two million views. The share also has more than 1100 likes and numerous comments. (Also Read: Passenger slams Indian Railways over bottle holders, tags Ashwini Vaishnaw in viral post)

See how people reacted to the post:

The individual wrote: “With all due respect, why are we still using this system? It feels like we’re still living in the 60s. When will we have automation in the railways?”

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Another said: “Adapt to technology and find better ways to do work. Otherwise, technology will adapt your skills and find even better ways to do your job.”

A third added: “Right off the line, door work, notes to controller etc really work tirelessly on duty.”

“Great respect for them!” commented a fourth.

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