Raid the Dungeon MOD APK (Menu, Dumb enemy, Multiply Hit Count) 1.37.1

APK information of Raid Dungeon MOD

  • V1: God Mode/High Damage
  • V2: menu, stupid enemies, multiple hits

Adventure through terrifying battles and dungeons in the game Raid the Dungeon. Terror battle is when you play against other opponents to choose the strongest opponent. Once you decide to enter the dungeon, the dungeon will not stop training you. On this path, heroes will also accompany you in battle. Non-stop battles will come to you, and it is also a challenge for you to constantly unlock your power. Impress your hero’s limitations will be released after the dungeon battle. Crush every war against other players with the immense power you have.

The large number of enemies in the dungeon is something you need to fight constantly. You will be put into every battle in harsh environments that will test your strength. Different types of attacks need to be shown in front of each enemy to prove themselves. The joy of a hero lies in going to the battlefield and winning. You will control them to have challenging confrontations with many different enemies. Every attack led by monsters required close cooperation on a large scale. Collect heroes and customize them to raid dungeons together.

Download Raid the Dungeon mod – Conquer dungeons with attacking heroes

A magical world where unique quests must be passed to complete. These dungeons require the bravest heroes of the adventure to conquer. Each location in the dungeon can send the hero you control to a different enemy. You can freely take your hero to conquer every dungeon with control mode. You will decide the attack combo of each hero to help you defeat the boss. Each of them knocking down means your dungeon journey will be successful soon. Duel monsters on the dungeon front and use your heroes to stop their every move.

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dungeon raid apk

Dungeon War

Your hero will continue his adventure in each dungeon, fighting against monsters. A new world with fierce battles constantly needs heroes strong enough. The wars are not random, but because of the need to destroy evil monsters. They brought chaos to the world of heroes, and now they have to pay the price for it. The calculations you make will accompany the hero in each attack. Your hero can attack monsters by surprise by keeping a close eye on the opponent. The weak point of the monster will be the priority target of the hero you control.

Free Dungeon Raid

hero power

The outcome of the battle should be decided by the strength of your heroes. Fighting weakens the fighting power of each hero you use to fight monsters. Their breakthrough when fighting monsters is not achieved in combat. This is when you level up your heroes in battle so they can defeat the boss with confidence. It won’t be difficult for you to figure out how to overcome the limitations your heroes have. The weapons or equipment found in the dungeon will be essential for your journey. Collect them for heroes to use and prepare an arsenal of powerful gear in battle.

Dungeon raid mod

Strategy against monsters

The way you fight monsters with heroes will give you an edge in the dungeon. Your hero needs to attack the types of monsters you will face in battle. The heroic ways you master in battle require your most sensible command. Each location you lead your hero to determines whether the monster is destroyed or not. Strong enemies in rivers and lakes will always be a means for you to test the strength of heroes. Avoid getting ahead of too many enemies when your survivability is low. Make the right decisions and guide the hero through the monster levels in the dungeon.

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Robot Dungeon Raid

Under the control of the hero, each warrior entered the monster’s dungeon. You will also need to join their fight so as not to fall behind. In this journey, you will fight monsters along with the hero of your choice. Attacks from the dungeon had to be stopped due to the destruction brought by the monsters. The hero’s perspective tells you what a righteous battle is. The monsters that appear constantly will force you to have the correct heroic battle strategy. Download the Raid the Dungeon mod to choose one of the heroes and join them in a dungeon raid.

Download Raid Dungeon MOD APK for Android (Menu, Stupid Enemies, Hits)

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