“Quit spreading it on tour”: Fans cast doubts about Hayley Williams’ lungs infection, claiming it’s COVID

Paramore recently canceled their last two tour dates as news of Hayley Williams’ health spread across the internet. The lead vocalist posted a story on her Instagram account on August 10, 2023, where she told her fans that continuing to tour would be detrimental to her lungs, which aren’t healing as quickly as she’d hoped.

Although she specified that the cause of her illness was a lung infection, fans are speculating that there might be an underlying health issue she is not disclosing. One fan even commented that the singer has Covid and asked her to “quit spreading it on tour.”

One fan told Hayley Williams to not spread the COVID on tour. (Images via Twitter/@NietzscheKant2)

Paramore show dates get canceled as Hayley Williams shares her recent illness

On August 10, 2023, Paramore announced the cancelation of their last two tour dates – one in Portland, Oregon, and the other in Salt Lake City, Utah. This came after Hayley Nichole Williams, the 34-year-old lead vocalist of the band showed signs of lung infection, according to Billboard.

The official Paramore account posted the announcement by Hayley on their social media handles.

“After my lung infection forced us to postpone 4 shows, I was hoping a week off of performing and a strict medicine routine would allow my body to heal enough to finish off this tour strong,” the statement read.

It further continued:

“After struggling through the last few shows and consulting with my doctor, we’re unfortunately realizing its past the point of wanting to push through to put a good show for you all.”

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Williams concluded the announcement by apologizing to fans and informing them that refunds would be available at the point of purchase.

In her Instagram story, Hayley Williams wrote:

“Hey everybody, we just got off stage in Seattle. After speaking with our team and my doc, I know that trying to finish this tour is now going to come at a detriment to my health.”

She continued:

“My lungs are just not healing quickly enough to keep up. It got a little scary tonight.”

She concluded her story by writing:

“I’m so sorry for all the chaos this has caused some of you. I really tried to kick this sh*t. Love you all.”

Fans think Hayley has Covid

After the official news broke out, many fans commented on Paramore’s tweet. Several seemed to be sure that the singer has Covid and told her to stop spreading the same by performing at shows.

Netizens started commenting under the Paramore post that Hayley has COVID. (Screenshot via Twitter/@paramore)Netizens started commenting under the Paramore post that Hayley has COVID. (Screenshot via Twitter/@paramore)Netizens try to raise awareness for COVID. (Screenshot via Twitter/@paramore)Netizens try to raise awareness for COVID. (Screenshot via Twitter/@paramore)

Other fans came to the artist’s aid, showering Hayley Williams with supportive messages.

Some fans wish for Hayley's good health. (Images via Twitter/@paramore)Some fans wish for Hayley’s good health. (Images via Twitter/@paramore)

The tour dates were previously postponed

On August 10, in an Instagram story, Hayley Williams disclosed how she started feeling unwell during the tour in Houston:

“This past week has been really tough. Nobody would know this, but I started getting sick in Houston (noncontagious) and muscled my way all the way through LA. Adrenaline is a wonder!”

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According to SF Gate, the timeline fits right as Paramore had earlier postponed their shows in Seattle and San Francisco to let the artist rest and recuperate. An announcement about the same was also posted on social media.

The Paramore team hasn’t directly confirmed or denied Hayley’s illness as being any form of COVID.

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