Puma Korea Is Under Fire After Allegations Of Maltreatment Of NCT 127’s Yuta

NCT 127 fans criticize Puma Korea for allegedly abusing Yuta The 26-year-old handsome boy was kicked out of a K-Pop group photo shoot for a sports brand in Korea. The artist’s omission of the group’s promotional materials was deemed unjustified and Puma Korea was fined for unfair treatment of the artist. Yuta’s withdrawal from this promotional event has raised concerns among NCTzens that NCT 127’s management company, SM Entertainment, often ignores the idol and doesn’t give him the recognition he deserves.

#YUTAA picture of a person with NCT 127 can be seen on a PUMA advertisement on the China Taobao Mall website while Puma Korea’s official Instagram has yet to add Yuta to their latest photo.

As a team member as a PUMA APAC ambassador, this is unprofessional. pic.twitter.com/HXM9BJvXYZ

– TEAM YUTA NCT (@SQUADNYT) October 18, 2022

Puma Korea was reprimanded for not including NCT 127’s Yuta in the group photo.

NCTzens are very angry with SM Entertainment and Puma Korea for removing Nakamoto Yuta. Yuta contracted COVID-19 earlier this year, causing him to miss many group activities. One pre-planned event that Yuta was unable to attend was the Puma photo shoot. However, after recovering, the idol recorded a solo recording to include in a commercial. Photos from the shoot were just released and fans were disappointed to see that NCT 127 Yuta wasn’t featured in all of the group photos, despite posing for them.

While removing idols from group photos seems like a good reason, NCTzens are not convinced. They were quick to point out that Yuta also appeared in the photos shared by Puma China. Puma China decided to digitally add Yuta to the NCT group image instead of excluding idols. This shows that including the artist is possible, but Puma Korea decided to ignore the trouble.

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Puma Korea has been accused by angry NCTzens of unprofessional behavior. They investigate the reason behind Yuta’s removal from the group photo of the K-Pop power star. NCTzens are outraged by what they see as unfair treatment, mainly due to the seemingly tendency for Yuta to disappear from promotional materials and make significant appearances in the past.

NCT 127 is Yuta

The NEO City – The Link performance at Japan’s Tokyo Dome was a notable group event that Yuta missed. This incident made fans even more angry because Yuta is not only one of the most popular idols in Japan but also the only Japanese artist of the group. This could also be seen as neglect due to his race.

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