Pujie Black APK 5.1.46

The dial shows the watchmaker’s meticulous effort in the variety of details and aesthetics. Pujie Black will give you a feature that can do this on your smartphone. Choose a watch face design on your mobile device. Pujie Black is a great app to decorate your smartphone. Replace your basic watch with an authentic luxury watch face. No need for fancy design, can be like your watch face. The closest combination to perfection.

Pujie Black supports all Wear OS smartwatches. When you choose to change the watch face on your smartphone, the watch’s display also switches to that design. One that decorates and changes is too good to be repaired. You can even change them continuously over time. Instead, different versions of watches are created to suit the environment. Or create a sleek, modern piece of technology that you wear on your wrist.

Download Pujie Black mod – Change clock face continuously

Not only templates are available on the interface. Pujie Black also allows you to design your favorite watch faces. This factor is more important for color than texture. Either way, it will stand out on the screen. This is the main purpose of using Pujiehei. You have a library of dozens, hundreds of different watch face designs. The theme of the design is not the same at all. So it fits a number of jobs and places in life. Change lock screen and change style in no time. Both are elegant, luxurious and sometimes personal, standing out more than anyone in the crowd.

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Watch Face Pujie Black mod apk

watch face editing

Now let’s dive into watch face editing. Not the texture change above, but more detail. Pujie Black gives you the ability to adjust the size and length of the hands of the watch. Or better yet, add some little texture. Of course, you’ll still know the position of the hour, minute, and second hands. The movement of the clock hands will also be set to match your time zone. Of course, the direction of the smart watch’s pointer is absolute and never wrong. Once the time is set, there is no need to readjust in the future.

Watch Face Pujie Black mod apk for free

other additional tools

Not only the main watch face, but smartwatches also have many different watch faces. It’s designed to be used in everything from timers, stopwatches, heart rate and body temperature, even modern circuits that can include weather forecasts. Pujie Black also changed the design of these dials. Of course, they will be the same version as the main dial. When you need to use other faces, tap the watch screen with your finger. You can also set appointments inside so it will notify you at that time.

Watch Face Pujie Black mod for free

mobile widgets

Feel free to design smart watch faces, we can also display these watch faces on smartphones. Specifically, they will be treated as widgets located anywhere you choose on the screen. It is also convenient to use as the main clock on your smartphone when you need to perform complex operations. Never use a smart watch with a small screen again. Work directly on your smartphone so they can be linked and saved to your watch. Two products that can make your work and life better.

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Watch Black Pujie Face Free

Change your smart watch face with different styles and different themes. Prove that you can still stand out on any day, occasion or event with the sophisticated design of the Pujie Black mod.

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