“Proficient swimmer”: Tafari Campbell drowning death while paddleboarding comes under scrutiny

Netizens are questioning news reports that Tafari Campbell died in a rowing accident. The 45-year-old man worked as a personal chef for former US President Barack Obama. He died during a recent trip to Martha’s Vineyard. Netizens find it hard to believe that he died from water sports considering his swimming skills.

Tafari Campbell was visiting the island of Massachusetts from his home in Virginia. He disappeared in the waters of Edgartown’s Great Pond on Sunday. Police searched endlessly for the food connoisseur until he received a call about a rower who had allegedly “got into the water.” Police said Campbell was told:

“It appeared to be briefly struggling to stay afloat and then submerged.”

His statement further added that Tafari Campbell was accompanied by another person who “saw him go underwater.”

The chef’s body was found two meters underwater. It was also noted that he was not wearing a life jacket.

Police said the Obama family was not present at their residence at the time of the Campbell crash.

Ever since the news of Campbell’s death surfaced online, netizens have found it hard to believe that he died from a stand-up paddle boarding incident, as his Instagram account showed that he was an “expert swimmer.”

Netizens closely follow the shocking death of Tafari Campbell

Trending Politics co-owner and investor Collin Rugg revealed on Twitter that Tafari Campbell was an experienced swimmer, so it’s strange that he drowned. The user revealed that Campbell shared on Instagram that he was an avid swimmer and fitness enthusiast.

“Campbell’s ‘Fitness’ Instagram highlight shows him swimming backstroke, freestyle, recording a 40-minute swim workout with his Apple Watch and even doing a 315 on the bench. Campbell obviously took very good care of himself in the kitchen and gym,” Rugg noted NEW: Video from Tafari Campbell’s Instagram page shows he was an expert swimmer and took fitness very seriously.

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Campbell, Obama’s personal chef, tragically drowned in 8 feet of water after a rowing accident, according to authorities.

Campbell’s fitness… twitter.com/i/web/status/1… pic.twitter.com/M0LAm48anM

Twitter user @JordanSchatchtel also pointed out that Campbell did not know how to swim in 2017. However, he has since trained and become a stronger swimmer, as evidenced above.

I found an IG post from 2017 where Tafari Campbell, Obama’s chef, points out that he can’t swim.

He drowned last night on Martha’s Vineyard while reportedly rowing with an unidentified person. It’s unclear why they couldn’t help him in the 8-foot-deep water.

Very sad. twitter.com/i/web/status/1… pic.twitter.com/IjxuLEhD31

Many people found it strange how he drowned even though he is an experienced swimmer. Some comments on the internet:

@OliLondonTV He saw something he shouldn’t have seen.

@OliLondonTV I’m surprised he wasn’t wearing a vest.

@OliLondonTV Yes. That’s why we need a drug screen.

@OliLondonTV Did you see/hear anything…?

@OliLondonTV Not only the ability to swim, but also had a paddle board to hold on to. I highly doubt someone who can’t swim would paddleboard. JMHO. Your 🧐🧐

@OliLondonTV @georgegalloway It stinks of a cover up.

The Massachusetts State Police Detective Unit said Campbell’s death remains under investigation but appears to be an accident.

Barack and Michelle Obama release statement on death of Tafari Campbell

Barack and Michelle Obama issued an official statement to CNN, revealing that they met the food expert while working as a sous chef at the White House.

“Tafari was a beloved part of our family. When we met him, he was a talented sous chef at the White House: creative and passionate about food and its ability to bring people together. In the years that followed, we got to know him as a warm, funny and unusually kind person who made our lives a little brighter,” they add.

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They then expressed their condolences to Campbell’s family. He was married to his wife, Sherise, and was the father of twins, Xavier and Savin.

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