Predator Shows How PREY’s Naru Can Return To The Franchise

warning! This article contains spoilers for Predator Vol. 2 #5 With the recent release preyfull of new life carnivores With the franchise of the movie protagonist Naru, he has practically become the face of that revival. Unfortunately, given the one-off nature of the film, Naru’s time in the spotlight seems to have come to an end — that is, unless the movie uses a manga plot to perfectly explain how Naru is going to be. back to the series.

2022 prey is the fifth carnivores series (not counting AVP) and was immediately applauded by fans and critics alike – the reason behind its success was that it went back to basics. carnivores The film succeeds because it is a classic story of humans and beasts, set in a harsh jungle with little hope of the main character being rescued from the outside. prey Follow that recipe and even enhance some of its elements by having Naru use the Predator’s own weapons to literally counter it. Naru displays intelligence and ferocity unmatched by any other individual facing the Predator in the entire franchise (especially given his limited resources and thirst for cutting-edge technology). her progress during the period in which the film is set). understand), and that’s exactly why she needs to come back – and Marvel Comics just explained exactly how.

Naru can be kidnapped by predators and kept in a state of deep sleep

exist carnivores roll. 2 #1 Ed Brisson and Netho Diaz Many people have fallen from the sky into a strange world with parachutes on their backs, not knowing where they are or how they got there. Before they could think, however, they were attacked by a swarm of predators as soon as they landed – most of them met with horrifying results on the spot. However, the survivors gathered in a safe place to discuss how they would survive the alien hunter’s attack.

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During the discussion, someone casually said what year they thought it was, others quickly corrected what year they thought it was, etc. In this group, one person assumed it was 1987, the other suggested it was 1987. is 2022 and another thinks it’s 2050 in the future. The reason this happens is because predators have collected humans throughout history, it seems every hunting trip brings them down to earth, then puts those people into a state of deep sleep until when they are ready to defend the alien planet area to hunt them down. If a predator’s primary goal is to hunt for the best that humans have to offer, and they gather the strongest they can find on each trip to Earth, then they want to hunt those who suffer. responsible for killing the first known humans as predators. makes sense.

ignore AVP continuous, prey Marks the earliest Yautja/human encounter in history (this milestone was aided in the final episode of Marvel Comics) carnivores). So Yautja wouldn’t be interested in hunting down the first one to kill one of his own? This time, don’t they want to research and control the hunting according to their will? The logical answer is yes, which is quite exciting given the potential future of the franchise. preyNaru may have been kidnapped by the Predators, who then locked her in a deep sleep, allowing Naru to return from the past as a time-travelling warrior and be thrown into a technologically advanced future. to keep doing what she’s proven she can do: kill the Predator – and the latest carnivores The comic outlines exactly how this happened.carnivores roll. 2 #5 from Marvel Comics is now available.

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