Poonam Pandey’s old post on ‘death’ goes viral. Netizens say ‘hypocrisy on peak’

Model, actor and reality TV star Poonam Pandey shocked the entire nation on February 2 when she announced on her Instagram page that she had passed away due to cervical cancer. However, in a video released a day later, she reassured fans by saying: “I’m alive. I didn’t die of cervical cancer.” She further stated that she staged her death to raise awareness about cervical cancer. This upset netizens who called it a ‘new low’. Some even dug up her old ‘death’ tweet and lashed out at her. While many asked what happened to Pandey’s ‘morality almost 12 years later’, others simply wrote ‘irony died ironically’.

Poonam Pandey has apologized to her fans for faking her death to draw attention to cervical cancer. (Instagram/Poonam Pandey)

“’RIP Madonna’ trending. Hey whatever, please don’t joke about someone’s death. Woof! Get a life!” Poonam Pandey tweeted on February 18, 2012.

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Check out the tweet shared by Poonam Pandey below:

After Poonam Pandey shared that she was alive and that her death was a ploy to draw attention to cervical cancer, netizens called her an X.

Here’s how people reacted to her tweet:

“Hypocrisy at its peak,” said one individual.

Another added: “What happened to this morale almost 12 years later.”

“Absolutely cheap stunt, whatever the intention…” shared a third.

A fourth simply wrote, “Irony.”

“If hypocrisy had a face,” shared a fifth.

Poonam Pandey is now using her Instagram account to talk about cervical cancer. An Instagram post shared by Pandey reads, “Cervical cancer is the fourth most common cancer in women worldwide and the only preventable one.”

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She also said that ‘January was Cervical Cancer Awareness Month’ and shared a post detailing how early stage cancer can be detected.

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