Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: 10 Best New Gen 9 Dark Type Pokémon, Ranked

Pokemon scarlet and violet It is the 9th generation Pokemon series, and was released on November 18, 2022, becoming the fastest-selling Nintendo game of all time (via The Verge ). Not everything is perfect with this release, with complaints about graphical and framerate issues forcing Gamefreak to release a patch that, according to Kotaku, may not fix all the issues.But the first open world still has a lot to celebrate Pokemon game, which includes 107 new Pokémon.

Every type is covered, and there are even some new type combinations that will make competitive combat scenarios interesting. Every generation, certain types of Pokémon are more abundant than others, and thanks to the legendary quartet of ruined treasures, dark types get a lot of new Pokémon. Dark types tend to have strong defensive and offensive stats, as well as moves that often have debilitating side effects. The dark types introduced this generation all have their merits, and ranking them will help players determine who should join their team.

10 Bombardier

Flying/Dark is an excellent type combination that eliminates the mistakes and combat weaknesses of the Dark type. While it does increase the weakness of Rock and Ice types, the Bombbirdier’s signature ability “Rock Payload” gives it the rock-moving STAB ability, making it strong against Ice types.

Unfortunately, this ability is hidden and therefore difficult to obtain. Its stats are mediocre at best, with only 485 total base stats, but a very powerful 103 base attack power. With three powerful STAB attacks, it’s not easy to switch to Bombbirdier without losing a lot of health.

9 Meow Kalada

In Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, Meowth stands with arms outstretched

when. . .when Pokemon sun and moon Once the starting lineup was announced, Sprigatito captured the hearts of many fans with his cute, cat-like features. The final form of the Grass Starter is Skalada, a Grass/Dark Pokémon whose base stats total 530, the same number as many starters.

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Meow Skalada is a fast, powerful attacker with low defense, but not so low that it can’t withstand an attack or two. Its signature move “Trick” has a base power of 70, cannot be evaded, and can always cause a critical hit. But seven types of weaknesses and one 4x weakness to Bugs means the Magician Pokémon has only a slim chance of escaping an attack.

8 gold bits

The samurai-like Kingambit in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

Kingambit is the newly introduced evolved form of Bisharp, a powerful Pokémon that has always been a solid attacker in the metagame, so its evolved form should prove to be even more powerful. Darksteel is a very powerful dual-defense Pokémon, except for its three weaker types that are common: Ground, Fire, and Fighting. And combat is 4x the weakness of Kingambit.

Its signature attack “Kowtow and Slash” is a physical dark attack with a base power of 85 and will never miss. With a huge base attack of 135, Kingambit should be a Pokémon that can withstand two shots. Being very slow won’t help, and actually developing Kingambit will likely be difficult. Trainers need to defeat three daggers who lead a group of pawns with their own daggers.

7 savage hat

The dex entry for the Savage Hat in Pokémon Crimson and Violet.

exist Pokemon scarlet and violet, Certain aspects of time travel have led to the emergence of “Paradox Pokémon,” which are either past or future evolved cousins ​​of famous Pokémon. For example, Brute Bonnet appears to be an ancestor of Amoonguss.

Brute Bonnet has over 100 more base attributes than Amoonguss, and swaps its poison type for a dark type. It appears to be a cross between a dinosaur and a mushroom, with a strong 127 base attack power and solid stats in every aspect except speed. It has a great movement pool with Spores, Suction Cup Punch, and Giga Drain to make sure it’s as annoying as possible before being defeated.

6 Chi Yu

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Akabane Legendary Pokémon are unlocked through the blue ominous stakes

As one of the Treasures of Destruction, this is a new legendary Pokémon group scarlet and purple, Fire/Dark type Chi-Yu can learn Destruction, a move that always deals 50% of the opponent Pokémon’s remaining health. Accompanying the signature move is the signature ability “Orb of Destruction”, which can reduce the special defense of Pokémon on the field by 25%.

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Its special attack stat has a very high base of 135, which combined with its abilities means Chi-Yu will hit everything hard. With a special move pool of powerful Dark and Fire type moves, this is one move most Pokémon will want to avoid taking. However, low defense and typing with common weaknesses are issues to keep in mind.

5 Hejian

He Qian in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

Wo-Chien is the grass/dark ruin treasure and defensive variant. With a base 135 special defense and the ability to reduce the attack power of any other Pokémon on the opponent’s team, a 4x weakness to Bug-type moves is painful, but its resistance to 6 common types means it should survive for a long time .

Wo-Chien also gains access to a number of important status and healing moves, such as Leech Seeds and Roots, which should last for a while.Plus, it has one of the best designs Pokemon scarlet and violet Like some kind of scary forest snail.

4 iron chocolates

Pictures of pokemon purple iron pot grulus illustrated entry.

One of the Paradox Pokémon, Iron Jugulis is a future version of Hydregion, made entirely of metal, and has a new type of Dark/Flying, a powerful type combination that allows Iron Jugulis to have little resistance to the Flying type The action performs STAB.

When Electric Terrain is active or the Pokémon holds Booster Power, Ironjuice has the signature Future Paradox Pokémon ability, Quark Drive. Its highest attribute (except HP) is increased by 30%, and if Speed ​​is the highest attribute, it is increased by 50%. As a result, the Iron Jugulis 122’s massive special attack is further enhanced. STAB Hurricane should be able to knock out most Pokémon in one hit.

3 Jianbao

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Swordsman are unlocked via yellow ominous stakes in level 60 encounters

Sword of Destruction: Sword of Destruction is an ice/dark-type Destruction Pokémon. This Pokémon focuses on extremely fast attacks, with a speed of 135 and an attack power of 120. Only a handful of Pokémon are faster than Swordsman, so the legendary Pokémon should be faster than most threats.

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Its ability lowers the defense of all opposing Pokémon, meaning there aren’t many Pokémon that can be switched to Sword Cannon. With that ability taken into account, they must survive a STAB icicle collision with 85 base power from a Pokémon with 150 base attack.

2 Ting Road

Tinglu in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

Tinlu is the last of the Destruction Pokémon, and in addition to being one of the most difficult to catch, it is also the most dangerous of the four levels. This Earth/Dark Pokémon has the Vessel of Destruction ability, which can reduce the opponent’s special attack by 25%. This effectively gives Tinglu 100 base special defense, 125 base defense, and 155 hp. Getting this Pokémon off the field isn’t easy.

Dual immunity to Psychic and Shock moves is also welcome, allowing Tinlu to safely switch to these types of Pokémon. And the base attack power of 110 is also very high, allowing the Pokémon to throw out STAB Earthquake and Throat Slash at will. Plus, its mysterious deer-like design is probably the best of the quartet.

1 roaring moon

Scarlet and Purple Shiny Roar Moon Pokémon

Pokemon scarlet and violet There may not be any Mega Pokémon brought back for the game, but they haven’t completely forgotten about them. Roaring Moon is an ancient paradox Pokémon version of the giant fire dragon, with a base stat total of 590, making it almost as powerful as its original form.

With the always dangerous Dragon/Dark type, Roaring Moon can utilize its 139 base attack and 119 speed to deadly effect. It can use powerful physical moves “Rage” and “Throat Slash”, allowing it to take advantage of these STABS. Its ability “Original Synthesis” increases its highest attributes (except HP) by 30%, and its maximum speed by 50% if it is in strong sunlight or while holding booster energy.

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