Plathville Star Kim Plath Discloses The Reason Behind Being So Protective About Her Kids

On Tuesday night, a new episode of Welcome to Plathville aired. Everything has been going wrong in the Plath family as everyone has attempted to cope with the news of their parents’ divorce in their own unique manner. Meanwhile, Kim revealed to Micah for the first time why she had been so protective of her children. Everything came down to a horrific occurrence from her past.

Micah and Kim met for a drink in episode 9 of Welcome to Plathville. Micah asked his mother about her parenting style during a deep talk. They were raised on a farm isolated from people, were homeschooled, and were religious. But the response Kim offered Micah was unexpected by neither him nor anybody else. Though it was difficult for the Welcome to Plathville actress to discuss her traumatic history, she realized it was necessary not to hide from her kid any longer. She confessed that she was too protective of her children and raised them in the manner she did since she was mistreated as a youngster.

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In Welcome to Plathville episode 9, season 4, Kim revealed that her babysitter raped her when she was a child.

Micah and Kim went out for cocktails, against all they had been told. Micah questioned his mother about why she raised her children the way she did during a discussion regarding Kim’s reasons for quitting her marriage with Barry. Kim was hesitant to open up to Micah, but she eventually chose to respond to him. She said that there were many reasons, but one of the most crucial was that she had been mistreated by her babysitter when she was just 4 or 5 years old.

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Kim said that her mother was a single mom who did her best. She hired an adolescent lad as a babysitter. Kim went on to say,

“I can only say that when you have small girls, the last thing you want is for them to be in the wrong place at the wrong time for anything bad to happen to them.”

Kim went on to say that this occurred all the time while she was growing up. She went on to say that statistics show that those you don’t suspect and who is close to family members are the ones that end up doing something like this. Micah was taken aback by his mother’s disclosure, but he knew where it was coming from. Continuing, the Welcome to Plathville actress said that she always knew where her children were, who they were with, and what they were up to.

“That had a major role in my being protective, maybe overprotective, but the danger of not being overprotective enough is so enormous to me that I’d rather err on the side of overprotection than under protection and have something like that happen.”

Micah was taken aback by Kim’s revelation and admitted that he had imagined they were brought up only for religious reasons. Kim said that she did not want to inform anybody at the time since they were too young. The Welcome to Plathville actor agreed with his mother and said that when he was approximately 18 years old, he suspected there was another reason but didn’t anticipate it to be this. Micah went on to say that, although he was saddened to learn what had happened to his mother, he was grateful that she had confided in him.

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Kim Plath

Micah went on to say that as a youngster, he knew very little about his parents’ childhood. He also said that as a child, he believed they were flawless. But after hearing what his mother had to say, all the puzzle pieces fell into place, and he recognized that everyone is simply a human being. Season 4 of Welcome to Plathville airs every Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET on TLC. Readers may find additional information in their local listings.

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