PlanetSide 2 Breaks Its Own Guinness World Record With Recent Player Surge

PlanetSide 2’s player base has grown dramatically over the past few months, breaking its own record for the most players participating in an FPS battle.

The number of players has surged recently planetside 2 Led the game to break the previously held Guinness World Record for the most players in a single FPS battle. Like many games, this online game has seen increased activity as sweeping quarantine measures related to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic sweep the world. Deprived of more traditional ways of passing time, many gamers have flocked to video games.

according to The Power of PlanetSide 2 The number of players has grown significantly in the past two months, with the number of players growing by more than 60% in February and March. Over the past 30 days, the number of players peaked at 7,694, the highest number since 2014.The game has also now broken the Guinness World Record for most players participating in a single FPS battle, setting a new record planetside 2 Back in 2015. The original record was set by 1,158 players, but was broken this month by a staggering 1,283 players.

While coronavirus shelter-in-place orders have undoubtedly led to an increase in traffic planetside 2, The game also benefited from a sizable update earlier this month.dawn game title one side of the planet The upgrade update, one of the biggest in the game’s seven-year history, was released on March 11 despite delays planetside 2 Update back from the original window.The release of this highly anticipated game, coupled with the massive increase in free time players find themselves with, will undoubtedly help Planetside 2′s An unexpected return.

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