Pink-coloured Barbie biryani makes people demand ‘justice’ for the dish

Barbie and Biryani is a crossover that people might never have expected, but here it is. And this unusual dish did not impress netizens. This fusion dish showcases biryani not in traditional colors but in pink. The dish left people unamused, with some even demanding ‘justice’ for the biryani.

The image shows a baker presenting a pink Barbie biryani. (Instagram/@creamycreationsbyhkr)

Instagram user Heena Kausar Raad shared a video of Barbie biryani. “Pink biryani is actually Barbie biryani,” she wrote while sharing the video. In the video, she shows pink biryani, masala and also raita. She created this special dish for a Barbie themed party at her baking school, HKR Baking Academy.

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The video opens to show a room decorated with pink and silver balloons. The baker is seen standing in front of a table covered with a cloth of a similar color scheme.

As the video progresses, she says, “Barbie biryani acchi lag rahi hai na? Pink color ka masala, pink color is rice [The Barbie biryani looks good, doesn’t it? Here’s pink-coloured masala and rice]”. She then shows off the raita she prepared along with the dish – which, as you’ve guessed by now, is pink.

Check out this pink biryani video:

The video was published a day ago. The share has since garnered more than 9.2 million views. The post additionally collected almost 1.5 thousand likes. It also collected tons of comments from people.

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What did Instagram users say about this Barbie biryani?

“Delete this now before I throw up on my phone,” the Instagram user posted. ‘Justice for biryani,’ shared another. “This is the dumbest video I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I just wanted you to know that,” a third joined in. “This is disrespectful to Biryani. Stop,” wrote a fourth.

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