Pasta made in buttermilk confuses the Internet, people declare it ‘unhealthy’

Italy is known for its delicious cuisine, especially pasta, a versatile dish that can be prepared in numerous ways with a variety of sauces, vegetables and meats. But have you ever thought about making buttermilk pasta? Recently, a street vendor was spotted making pasta with buttermilk, a culinary experiment that left many appalled.

Shot of pasta cooked in buttermilk. (Instagram/@suratstreetfood)

The video was shared on Instagram by the host of ‘Surat Street Food’. In the post’s title, the site mentioned, “Have you tried chaas (buttermilk) pasta?” (Also Read: ‘Sick To My Stomach’: Fruit-Stuffed Golgappe Raises Eyebrows. Watch)

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The video shows the preparation of this unique pasta. It starts with mixing the pasta in a bowl, followed by the addition of buttermilk and various spices. The mixture is then cooked, and the finished dish is served on a plate.

See how to prepare this unusual pasta recipe here:

This recording was published three days ago. Since it was published, it has garnered more than one million views. The share also has close to 2000 likes. After the video of this dish went viral, many people flocked to the comment section of the post to share their reactions. Many were not satisfied with this creation. (Also Read: Momos chai to bhindi samosa: 7 food pairings that have confused the internet in 2023)

See how people reacted:

An individual wrote: “This is the dish of death! It is served in a styrofoam container. You can’t add cheese to chaas, it can cause diseases. For the community, kindly stop sharing such nonsense dishes and promote such morsels of food.”

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Another added: “Why are you advertising such dishes!”

A third said, “You have managed to spoil two dishes together.”

“This is so unhealthy. Why would anyone even make this dish? It can cause serious health problems. I hope someone takes serious action against such sellers. Be careful, people!” commented a fourth.

What do you think of this dish?

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