Pakistani YouTuber slammed for vlogging her visit to sister’s grave. Viral video

The Pakistani YouTuber’s video left people dissatisfied, and many harshly condemned her. Why? The clip shows him visiting his sister’s grave on the vlog. In his video, he documents his entire journey, from getting ready in the morning to returning home after visiting the grave. Her video went viral and made many say, “Shame on you.”

The image, taken from a viral video, shows a Pakistani YouTuber visiting her sister’s grave on a vlog. (YouTube/@Noorranaofficial)

YouTuber Noor Rana shared the video a few days ago. In his video, he tells his followers that he will visit his sister’s grave. Then she gets ready, talks about her sister and gets in the car to visit her grave.

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Watch the full video here:

The post was shared just two days ago. Since then, the video has garnered several comments from people. Most people were displeased that she had recorded her visit to her sister’s grave and shared it on a social media platform. A few also reacted with thumbs down emojis.

What did YouTubers say about this Pakistani YouTuber’s video?

“Shame on you for making content about your sister’s death,” posted a YouTube user.

“That’s why education is so important. Shame on you,” joined another.

“I can’t believe people like this exist in our society,” said a third.

“I never thought that people could see the death of their family members as content for vlogging. Shame on you,” added a fourth.

“The end is near! Shame on such people!” wrote the fifth.

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Noor Rana, originally from Pakistan, regularly posts her videos on YouTube and Instagram. She has published over 700 videos on YouTube so far. She joined the platform a year ago, in 2023.

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