Optical Illusion: Find the nail file among these nail polish bottles

Optical illusions can fool or confuse our minds by using color, light, and patterns to generate visuals. The brain uses the information that the eye has collected to create a perception that does not correspond to the actual image. The term perception describes how we perceive the visual information we receive. Our brain tries to make sense of the world around us by interpreting what we see, which leads to optical illusions. Simply said, optical illusions deceive our brains into believing in things that may or may not exist.And in trend right now, is a brand-new optical illusion challenge that puts your visual perception to the test. Can you enter the realm of the unusual by finding a single nail file buried among pink nail color bottles?Find the cat among zoo animalsIf you can find the nail file among the bottles of polish,you can claim to have 20/20 vision.As people race against time to identify the accessory, their eyes dart across this perplexing illusion. However, the solution is not straightforward because the tool is buried among cosmetics. Concealed in a sea of pink nail paints of all hues, this nail file is not easy to find. Capital Hair and Beauty, the illusion’s inventors, claim it takes an average of 51 seconds to discover the nail file as opposed to the given limit of 10 seconds.

(Image credit: The Sun)

So, could you find the nail file in under 10 seconds?Let us know in the comments.

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