Octopath Traveler 2: Proof Of Innocence Quest Guide

Innocent is a quest found in the town of Timberrain Octopus Traveler 2. When the player arrives at the location, depending on which character they choose first, each hero will be led to a different city and quest. However, only certain protagonists have enough means to complete this side quest.

use innocence Octopus Traveler 2Two main game features of: Day/night cycle and path action. The former causes NPCs to react differently or in different locations. The latter are character-specific moves in town that are used to interact more with people and their surroundings.

how to find innocent quest

As seen in AMHarbing’s Youtube video, players can find out Innocent Complete the quest by talking to Guard Meylan outside the Timberrain courthouse. Only during the day does he reveal the plight of Bianco, the imprisoned innkeeper. If you approach Meylan at night, you’ll have a completely different conversation. For this mission, he asks the player-hero to find witnesses or other evidence to undo Bianco’s crimes.

NPC Guide

Ochette in Ocotopath Traveler 2

A few steps to the left of Mei Lan is a sick woman standing on the bridge. She needs to be persuaded to come along Octopus Traveler 2 party. Only certain characters can use their specific path moves to capture her at different times of the day. Everyone has side requests, such as items or money.



path operation




make friend

jerky goods

stop breathing



percent chance




enough level




enough holiday currency

A team consisting entirely of Castti, Throne, Osvald, and Hikari is unable to complete the mission and needs to return with at least one of the aforementioned members. Previously met heroes can be swapped at any nearby pub by talking to the bartender. However, if none of the above four are recruited, the player must leave Timberrain and venture to their respective cities. Octopus Traveler 2 Story begins.

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It is not worth using Partitio as spending money will reduce the net profit on completing the task. Agnea is an option, but every time she fails to convince anyone to join, the player’s reputation drops throughout the city. The simplest is to rely on Temenos, because it’s already daytime when you’re new to work; level 10 must be high enough. Or if it’s already dark, a piece of dried meat is common and cheap Octopus Traveler 2makes Ochette another option.

When the sick woman catches up with the team, take her back to Meilan. A cutscene will play and the judge will declare Bianco not guilty. Meylan will be rewarded with 11,000 leaves, olives of life and nutritious nuts. The third item can keep one forever Octopus Traveler 2 Character’s maximum health. Innocent Just one step in the chain of quests that Meylan is on. Talking to him then will also unlock future quests to punish the guilty and bring true justice to ancient crimes.

Source: AM Harbinger/YouTube

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    Franchise: Octopath Traveler

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    Description: Square Enix welcomes players to the world of solo with Octopath Traveler 2, which will be released on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation console, and PC. The sequel to the 2018 game will feature eight new heroes as players switch back and forth between the new day and night system. Different stories take place at different times of the day, and the eight heroes will meet each other faster than in the original entry. The day and night mechanics also have a big impact on gameplay, as some moves and combat abilities change depending on whether the sun or moon prevails. Octopath Traveler 2 will once again feature the iconic HD-2D art style, placing pixel art characters in a 3D rendered environment. The game will be released on February 24, 2023.

    Prequel: Octopath Traveler

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