Niranjan Takle Wikipedia, Savarkar, White House, Journalist

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Niranjan Takele Wikipedia, Savarkar, White House, journalist

Niranjan Takle Wikipedia, Savarkar, White House, Journalist – former electronics engineer turned journalist and used his position to raise suspicions about the authorities. In Modi’s India, Niranjan Takle is one of the few journalists who isn’t afraid to speak the truth. With his well-researched arguments against lionization, his article on Savarkar in The Week upset the right. More recently, his investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of Judge Brijgopal Harkishan Loya led to a scandal that reached the Supreme Court and exposed multi-level collusion that allowed criminals to dangerous criminals holding positions of power unchecked.

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Journalists Niranjan Takle & Savarkar

Formerly an electronic engineer, later became a journalist and challenged the authorities. Niranjan Takle is one of the few journalists in India under Modi who is not afraid to speak the truth. His essay on Savarkar in The Week stunned the right with its meticulously researched argument against lionizing him.

Recently, his investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of Judge Brijgopal Harkishan Loya sparked an investigation to the Supreme Court and revealed multiple levels of the conspiracy that allowed criminals to danger holds positions of limitless power.

Learn the story of journalist Niranjan Takle

The journalist who broke the story of Justice Loya, Niranjan Takle, expressed his desire to pursue law in Grade 4.

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This is because the state government illegally expropriated 16 acres of his family’s farmland in 1971 to build affordable housing estates. Niranjan’s desire to obtain a bicycle was also delayed while the family waited for payment.

When Takle was a young boy attending a municipal school in Nashik, Maharashtra, he spent part of the morning delivering newspapers. Here’s how he recalls those times, saying: “My father ran a small kiosk that sold newspapers and magazines. I fell in love with newspapers and magazines even though I didn’t know the complexity nor like their consequences for society and politics.I used to scream the biggest news at the bus stop to sell the newspaper while delivering it to our subscribers.

Takle did not expect to become an investigative journalist at such a young age. Let alone imagine publishing the news would turn him into a “political potato” and put him out of work for months.

Niranjan Takle, 51, wrote “The Family Breaks the Silence: Shocking Details Appear About the Death of the Judge Presiding over the Sohrabuddin Trial” for The Caravan on November 20, 2017. involving Brijgopal Harkishan Loya, a special judge of the Central Bureau of Investigation, who died while hearing the Sohrabuddin Sheikh’s fake meeting in 2005.

Takle’s account raises issues with the reported version of Loya’s death. Amit Shah, the national president of the Bharatiya Janata Party, was the lead defendant in the 2005 lawsuit.

The next day, Takle published another article in The Caravan with the headline: “Late Judge Loya’s sister: Chief Justice Mohit Shah offered my brother 100 million rupees in exchange for a favorable verdict in the case. Sohrabuddin.” While the first paragraph describes the circumstances that led to Loya’s death, the second clearly describes the pressure Loya was under to try the Sohrabuddin case through the testimony of family members. He also highlighted the ways in which the 2012 Supreme Court order has been violated and how the news cycle appears to be orchestrated to keep the verdict – the Shah’s acquittal in the 2005 case – from media attention.

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