Night At The Museum Reboot First Image Reveals Movie Character Return

A new image from Night at the Museum: Carmena rises again First showing of animated Nick Daly.this museum night The franchise began in 2006 with the release of the first film starring Ben Stiller. The show follows Larry Daly (Stiller), who works as a security guard at a museum where artifacts come to life at night. The film was so successful that two sequels followed: Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian and Secrets of the Tomb at Night at the Museum. The films also include iconic performances from Robin Williams as the resurrected statue of Theodore Roosevelt and Owen Wilson as the cowboy.

In 2020, Disney announced the development of an animated reboot museum night franchise. Night at the Museum: Carmena rises again Centered on Larry’s son, Nick Daly, who will follow in his father’s footsteps by working the night shift as museum security. However, his new gig was disrupted by the return of villain Cameron in the second installment of the series, Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian. The animated film is set to premiere on Disney+ next month.

Disney+ Now new images from the upcoming film have been released, including an animated Nick next to a T-Rex skeleton.The image is reminiscent of the first moment of truth museum night In the film, the first time Larry sees a lifelike museum artifact is a Tyrannosaurus rex in the Museum of Natural History. It also believes that the animated film may resume shortly after the last live-action movie, since Nick still looks quite young.

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What to expect from Disney+ Museum Night

Night at the Museum: Secrets of the Tombs

and the upcoming Night at the Museum: Carmena rises again Released by the production company of the series’ original director, Sean Levy, the film is under new management following Disney’s acquisition of Fox.Therefore, the new museum night New concepts and characters may be introduced, such as the already confirmed Joan of Arc (voiced by Alice Isaacs). The animated spinoff also casts fresh voices for older characters, including Joshua Bassett as Nick Daly and Joseph Kumar as Kamon Ra. Stiller will no longer voice Larry; the role will go to Zachary Levi.

The film’s launch drew mixed reactions from fans, museum night Movies probably won’t be very revolutionary. With Stiller absent from the project, Carmena rises again There’s also the way animation is employed, which makes the idea of ​​artifacts brought to life less exciting.However, it may be targeting a younger audience High School Musical: The Musical: The Series Star Bassett voices the main character, and it debuted in a Disney+ exclusive release during the holidays. With a fresh voice cast and approach, the movie has some potential for success. Night at the Museum: Carmena rises again will air on Disney+ on December 9.

source: Disney+/Twitter

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