New Series Gives The Zombie Apocalypse its Freshest Twist in a Decade

A new manga series is giving the zombie apocalypse horror subgenre its best twist in years. The endless army of the undead is one of the most famous monsters in horror history. From the classic film by George Romero night of the undead Get a New Life with Robert Kirkman zombie, paying homage to its roots with some gorgeous cameos by George Romero, this horror subgenre isn’t slowing down any time soon. However, these creatures are extremely popular in the world of manga and anime.

In Japan, zombies have found various ways to attract attention by giving unique twists to familiar antics. One of the most famous examples in recent years is the series zombie legend The problem is that five zombie girls form an idol group. It has become a fan-favorite anime, even providing one of the best representations of transgender characters among the other lovable characters in the main cast. Now, a new manga is surrendering to a zombie siege, and the premise alone makes it a must-read.

live cat night is a new comic created by Hawkman and Mechagen. The series follows a group of survivors as they navigate a terrifying post-apocalyptic reality where humans are turning into mindless beasts. However, instead of zombies, cats. Because a new virus found in cats is thought to be “source“, anyone who comes into close contact with a cat becomes a cat on its own. Turning into a zombie does not require biting, scratching or other traditional methods. All they have to do is lick or rub people to spread the virus. -withdraw and add to their growing hoard. The design of the world is very similar to traditional zombie food, with shadows and nightmarish cats. It’s a fun subversion of the zombie apocalypse. ghost, but the story goes a step further with its execution.

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live cat night know what it is and go with the flow

splendor live cat night its self-awareness. While the characters take the nightmare as seriously as their reality, the tone is humorous. No zombie tropics is safe because every cliché in the book is strung together. Outbreaks are even called “cataclysm“For example, there’s a moment where the survivors look out the window in horror at a pack of cats, trying to use their claws to get inside. It’s a pretty typical zombie scene where you are. cornered person, but one of the characters said it sincerely”It’s the common cat sign for “Let me in!”“From there, it got worse. The symptoms are described as an irresistible need to clean yourself with your tongue or eat kitten junk food. Plus, the main character is a who is drawn to resemble a typical gritty survivor, for example: zombie Darryl Dixon, but really, he’s going against all cat instincts because he’s a big cat lover.

live cat night is a clever new take on the zombie genre. This is the perfect book for fans of cats and zombies, as it satirizes a famous horror monster while still serving as an entertaining zombie story. The first volume of the story is available now at your local bookstore, with more to come! If first impressions of this comic’s first entry are anything to go by, this subgenre of the zombie apocalypse is sure to become an all-time classic for anyone. What comic book fan?

Live Cat Night Vol. first available now

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