New Naruto Ninja Storm Game Hinted At By Bandai Namco Trademark

long wait storm naruto According to some fans who discovered Bandai Namco’s registered trademark, the game may end soon Connect the ultimate Ninja storm. In 2016, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Adapted from the epic ending about Naruto’s journey to save his friend Sasuke, the world, and become Hokage. DLC titled boruto street Expands the arena warrior roster and story by introducing Boruto and the next generation of ninjas, while boruto The series itself continues to evolve with ongoing manga and anime.

New logo of Bandai Namco Connect the ultimate Ninja storm show a storm naruto 5 The game will be announced soon. According to the report playerThe watchful eye of Reddit user TheRidiculousOtaku discovered November 14, 2022, records from the series’ publisher. In April, a leak revealed that a new part storm naruto The game has been in development for over a year. Judging by the number of bows and other stories boruto The series has been delivered with enough content to pack a modern anime fighting game. If this list is accurate, fans will hear an official announcement about what’s next storm naruto Game in late 2022 or early 2023.

Ultimate Ninja Storm connection could be Naruto Storm 5

With the release of new games from the popular anime series like survival games Dragon Ball: The Breaker And my hero academyWith the battle royale title coming soon, many fans are eagerly waiting for another game naruto Franchising. The last game in the series, Naruto to Boruto: Ninja Striker, which was released in 2019, to mixed reactions from the player base. It requires players to create their own ninja character to complete quests with other players, but unfortunately, it doesn’t help expand the story of Naruto World.

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rear team storm naruto series, CyberConnect2, recently adapted demon slayerThe first part is known for its stunning visuals and combat in the arena. demon slayer is a hugely popular series, it took years for the anime to develop its story for a full second Ghost Slayer: Chronicle of the Sun God A game released with satisfactory content. The same cannot be said naruto sequel series, Boruto: Naruto’s Next Generation. this boruto The series takes multiple arcs between anime and manga adaptations to fill a whole new world. storm game, and hope, Connect the ultimate Ninja storm That’s the game.

a constant theme naruto And boruto The series is about the power that connecting with others can have and the impact those relationships have. By this way, Connect the ultimate Ninja storm It would be a good title for a game that focuses on the connection between past characters and the new generation. boruto The series is under construction. only next naruto The game launches and builds on satisfying gameplay storm naruto series, fans will have a lot to get excited about.

Source: TheRidiculousOtaku/Reddit (via The Gamer)

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