NBA 2K23: 10 Awesome ‘What If’ Scenarios To Try Out In MyNBA

Holy latest addition NBA 2K The franchise is NBA 2K23 The MyNBA mode also gets a new look. Its “era” aspect allows players to take over the league at different points in time over the decades, meaning you can rewrite history.

This laid the foundation for some of the most creative gamers NBA 2K Come up with interesting ideas for how they want to play. Will they move legendary players to teams they never played for? Will they try to destroy a dynasty? These possibilities make for an excellent case of “what if.”

Some great players are not injured

Whenever the topic of “what ifs” comes up in sports, there’s always mention of the great players whose careers were cut short by injuries. In the NBA, this includes Grant Hill, Derrick Rose, Penny Hardaway, Brandon Roy and many others.

With MyNBA Eras, you can experience their careers. If Rose never goes down, will the Bulls defeat the Heat’s Big Three before winning? Can Grant Hill reach Jordan’s level? Maybe you can even make sure Paul George and Kawhi Leonard stay healthy for the modern Clippers. These are things you can discover or achieve.

Test players from different eras

LeBron James in Lakers uniform in NBA 2K19

The game offers an interesting setting where you can place players in different eras. Some fans have taken to YouTube to show off the experiment in action. For example, basketball fans have always wondered what LeBron James would have been like if he had played in the turbulent 1990s.

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You can give it a try and try a lot of other things. Can Stephen Curry succeed in a league without the three-point shot? In this day and age of shooting and versatility, is Michael Jordan still the GOAT?

Win a championship with the best team ever

Kevin Durant in NBA 2K17

NBA history is littered with teams that were once among the best but fell far short of a championship. MyNBA will allow you to try to correct that, whether it’s the 2016 73-9 Golden State Warriors or the 2002 Sacramento Kings.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Maybe you can bring a championship to Utah like the great teams of the ’90s did, or maybe you can turn things around for the Mavericks, who lost in the first round in 2007. You can help many teams re-examine their destiny.

Stopping Michael Jordan’s Dynasty

Michael Jordan wearing a Bulls jersey in NBA 2K23.

The Chicago Bulls are one of the greatest dynasties in sports, winning three consecutive championships in the early 1990s and three in a row in the late 2010s. Teams like the Sonics, Suns, Jazz, Trail Blazers and Lakers all have a chance to stop them.

Now, you have the chance to do so. The beauty of this mode is that you can try to succeed with one of these teams, or you can choose to go with other top teams from the 90s like the Rockets, Knicks, Pacers, or many others ) completely different route.

More Magic vs. Bird games

Larry Bird and Magic Johnson

One era in the game is simply called “Magic vs. Bird.” The two icons, whose careers were intertwined from the day they were drafted, met multiple times in the NBA Finals, adding to HBO’s themed Lakers-Celtics legendary rivalry. winning time series.

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They were friendly rivals who helped save the league, but what if they faced off more often? The years they don’t face each other in the finals can change and you can really see who among these legends has the upper hand.

Drafting Michael Jordan Elsewhere

Michael Jordan - Olympic Basketball and Space Jam

When it comes to the NBA Draft, fans always feel for the Portland Trail Blazers as they passed on two of the greatest players in history. In 2007, they selected Greg Oden over Kevin Durant, and in 1984, they selected Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan.

So what if they didn’t make that decision and actually drafted Michael Jordan? This would change the course of history and maybe the Blazers would become champions. You might also be playing against a completely different team because the game started in the season before he came on the field.

Let Kobe and Shaq be together

NBA2K21 Kobe Bryant.jpeg

The Lakers were the last team in major American sports to win three consecutive championships from 2000 to 2002. They lost to the Spurs in 2003 and then crashed in the 2004 NBA Finals, ending the era of Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal as a duo.

The two great men had famous arguments and issues that prevented them from growing together and possibly winning more. Well, you have a chance to win a fourth or fifth consecutive championship with them, or even go further by keeping them together.

Win eight straight with Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls Last Dance Documentary

As mentioned earlier, Michael Jordan’s Bulls won three consecutive championships from 1991 to 1993 and then again from 1996 to 1998. The main thing that kept them from winning more championships was Jordan retiring in middle age to try baseball.

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With MyNBA, you can see what would have happened if he had stayed. You could take the Bulls and try to win eight straight championships in the years when Jordan wasn’t around, which only happened in the ’60s under Bill Russell.

Mix and match era

A young Michael Jordan dribbles in front of Kobe Bryant in NBA 2K11

It’s one thing to place players like Curry or James in a bygone era, or even bring Hakeem Olajuwon and Kobe Bryant into the modern era. However, moving an entire team over is a completely different situation.

Doing this allows you to play games that everyone has only hypothetically discussed in the past. Kevin Durant’s Warriors against the ’90s Bulls, or Kobe and Shaq against the Showtime Lakers are possibilities. Maybe put the 30 greatest teams of all time into a league and see what happens.

Modification of the 2003 draft


There is ongoing debate as to which draft class is the best in NBA history, with 1984, 1996 and 2003 all mentioned. That way, you could change the 2003 draft and revolutionize the modern era.

What if LeBron James didn’t go to Cleveland or Dwyane Wade didn’t end up going to Miami? You can even change a few things to see if Darko Milicic can have a successful career. Maybe the Pistons, who are a year away from an NBA championship, will draft Carmelo Anthony and beef up their offense.

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