Narayana Murthy reacts to his 70 hour work week remark, says ‘we owe it to…’

After Infosys co-founder and former CEO, Narayana Murthy said that youth should work at least 70 hours a week to increase labor productivity in the country, it sparked a global debate. While many criticized him, a few supported him. Now, in an interview with CNBC-TV18, Murthy explained the reason behind the 70-hour remark.

Narayana Murthy explained his remark about the 70-hour work week.

Speaking about his remark, Murthy told CNBC-TV18, “I rationalized it this way. If somebody has done much better than me in their own field, not necessarily in my field, I would respect them, I would call them and I would say , where do you think I went wrong in saying this? But I didn’t find it. Many of my friends from the West, many NRIs and many good people in India have called me, and without exception, they are all very happy. They all said if 70 or 60, that’s not a problem.” (Also read: How corporate bigwigs reacted to Narayana Murthy’s remark on 70-hour work week)

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He further emphasized the problem and said, “The problem is that we have to work hard in this country because the poor farmer works very hard. You know, the poor factory worker works very hard. So we who were educated at a huge discount, thanks to government subsidies for all this education. In my case, I got a scholarship, right from the university. So we owe it to the less fortunate citizens of India to work extremely hard.”

Watch Narayana Murthy’s video here:

This post was shared a few hours ago. Since it was published, it has received several likes and numerous comments. Many people had different reactions to it.

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See what people have to say about it here:

The individual wrote: “Agree to work hard for the company and nation building. But gullible employees took this comment out of sync and became horrified.”

“We work extremely hard and you pay in pounds,” posted another.

A third said: “Most employees in Mumbai leave at 6:30am to arrive at 9:30am. And then come home at night at 10:30pm. He says anything.”

A fourth said, “Productivity is more important.”

“I agree with him,” added the fifth.

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