Nana Ghaleb- Wiki, Age, Family, Height, Career

Nana Ghaleb is an Instagram influencer from Lebanon. She made her debut as an artist where her work reached many celebrities and gained people’s love. She is now a mental health advocate and works to support local and national NGOs.

Fast facts

Real name Nana Ghaleb
Nationality Lebanese
Sex Woman
Profession Marketing expert and TV personality
Age 19 years
date of birth February 4, 2004
Birth place Beirut, Lebanon
Nationality Lebanese
Height 1.61 m
Weight 63 kg
Marriage status Single
Profession Student and influencer

Biography of Nana Ghaleb:

Nana Ghaleb was born on February 4, 2004 in Beirut, Lebanon. He has two sisters, Joya Ghaleb and Charlie-Joe Dekmak, as well as one brother, Joseph Ghaleb. Her parents are Rima El Adem and Saad Ghaleb.

At the age of 9, she was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and began drawing as a coping mechanism. A few years later, she opened an Instagram account and started posting her traditional and digital art, which was recognized by a huge number of people, including celebrities like Ariana Grande and Madison Beer.

Nana Ghaleb

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and with some personal issues, her panic attacks worsened and she was later diagnosed with panic disorder. This prompted her decision to stop posting art and instead began discussing mental health issues and supporting her followers. She was also an ambassador for Anera, an American non-governmental organization that aims to help Lebanon. In addition, he publicly supports many NGOs, including the Children’s Cancer Center in Lebanon, CCCL, and Sanad, the Lebanese Home Hospice Organization.

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Career of Nana Ghaleb:

In addition to being a social media influencer and content creator, Nana is currently a full-time student at Balamand University. He is studying medical laboratory sciences and wants to get a doctorate. from the field of hematology and oncology. When asked what prompted her decision, she says that she has always been interested in oncology. Additionally, one of her university professors, Dr. Zeina Dassouki, influenced and encouraged her immensely.

Nana GhalebNana Ghaleb

Throughout her life, Nana never failed to express her gratitude to the people around her. Despite the fact that she lives in a whirlwind world and has a lot of obligations, she feels great respect for her mother, who is her biggest role model, her family, friends, colleagues and professors. She believes that acquaintances have influenced her life in one way or another. For her, you never meet anyone by chance.

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