My Hero Academia’s Bakugo Is at a Crossroads That May Hurt the Franchise

Warning: spoilers ahead my hero academia Chapter 359!

Bakugo Katsuki is at a major turning point in his entire journey as a hero and is about to undergo huge changes my hero academia It is about to enter the long-awaited final stage.

Bakugou’s personality has changed in many ways since his appearance. He was initially introduced as a bully who tormented his childhood friend Izuku Midoriya for many years while they were growing up. When they were both admitted to UA High School, he resumed the pastime. However, readers later learn that Bakugo has always been dismissive of Midoriya because he is actually afraid of him and sees Midoriya as a threat to his own achievements – even before Midoriya actually gets All Might’s “Once and For All” “Quirk and before becoming Deku. This fear is also one of the main driving forces behind why Bakugo refuses help from others and always works alone, despite the cooperation required to be a hero. However, Bakugo later apologized to Deku for his years of bullying and even began working as a member of the team.

Although Bakugou has accepted the fact that Deku is All Might’s true successor, he still has not given up on his dream of eventually becoming the number one hero. By the end of Chapter 359, Bakugo is either one step closer to his dream or forced to take two steps back. After unveiling his new equipment, “Suppress Heavy Mobile Troops: Straf Armored Vehicles,” he unleashes his most powerful energy blast – Howitzer Blast: Cluster – against the Tomura Shigaraki/All For One hybrid. But it turns out Bakugo’s best isn’t enough. Not only did Bakugo fail to defeat his opponent, Shigaraki broke Bakugo’s arm. After these major setbacks, Bakugo’s prospects became so bleak that the young hero, despite his best efforts, couldn’t help but comment on their power disparity.

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my hero academia Bakugo has two obvious choices for the future. It could allow Bakugo to experience a typical teenage awakening, allowing him to defeat his opponents against the odds, or allow him to grow further by forcing him to rely on other heroes. While Bakugo fans would undoubtedly prefer the former option, the latter is by far the best choice in terms of his character. Cliche aside, Bakugo’s failure to defeat Shigaraki/All in One on his own would add to his tragic image as a hero, but he’s still not as great as Deku. If Bakugou could come to terms with this realization and accept some extra help from others, regardless of his failure, he would grow a lot not only as a hero but as a person.

Fortunately, my hero academia has avoided pandering to an overused formula, so it’s likely that Katsuki Bakugo won’t experience an awakening in the next chapter, even though he’s perfectly prepared. The young hero has grown a lot, and failure will make him grow even more.So it would be a shame if he didn’t fail, not just because of his character but because my hero academia as a whole.

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