Microsoft Copilot AI for Windows 11, 365 Enterprise: Check release date and features

Microsoft Copilot AI is a new artificial intelligence (AI) assistant designed to help users with a variety of tasks, including coding, writing, and research.

Copilot AI is currently available in preview for Visual Studio Code and GitHub Codespaces, but will soon be available for all Windows 11 and Microsoft 365 Enterprise users.

The company recently announced that it will begin an initial rollout of Copilot, in its early form, as part of the free Windows 11 update starting on September 26. Copilot will also be available on Bing, Edge and Microsoft 365 Copilot this fall.

In addition to Copilot, Microsoft is also announcing a number of other new AI experiences and devices.

Windows 11: The next Windows 11 update will include more than 150 new features, including the power of Copilot and new AI-powered experiences for apps like Paint, Photos, and Clipchamp.

Bing: Bing will add support for the latest DALL.E 3 model from OpenAI and deliver more personalized answers based on your search history. It will also include a new AI-powered shopping experience and updates to Bing Chat Enterprise.

Microsoft 365: Microsoft 365 Copilot will be generally available for business users on November 1, 2023. It will be joined by Microsoft 365 Chat, a new AI assistant that will completely transform the way you work.

Surface: Microsoft also unveiled a few new Surface devices that bring all those AI experiences to life. These devices are available for pre-order starting today.

The Windows 11 update brings Copilot and more AI experiences to your PC

The company’s new Windows 11 update on September 26 will include more than 150 new features, including Copilot.

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Here are some details on some of the new features:

  • AI-powered painting in Paint: Paint is AI-enhanced for drawing and digital creation with the addition of background removal, layers, and Cocreator preview, which brings the power of generative artificial intelligence to the Paint app.
  • AI-powered photo editing in Photos: Photos has also been enhanced with AI, including new features that make editing your photos a breeze. With background blur, you can quickly and easily highlight the subject of your photo. The Photos app automatically finds the background in the photo and instantly highlights your subject and blurs the background with one click. Microsoft has also improved search, with photos stored in OneDrive (home or personal) accounts, you can now quickly find the photo you’re looking for based on the photo’s content. You can also now find photos based on the location where they were taken.
  • New voice typing experiences and new natural voices in Narrator: Microsoft continues its ongoing commitment to make Windows 11 the most accessible version of Windows yet with new voice typing experiences and new natural voices in Narrator.
  • More ways to capture content in the Snipping Tool: The Snipping Tool now offers more ways to capture content on your screen. With this update, you can now extract specific text content from an image to paste into another app, or you can easily protect your sensitive information by redacting the text using the text actions on the post capture screen. And with the addition of audio recording with audio and microphone support, it’s easier to create compelling videos and content from your screen.
  • Autocomposite in Clipchamp: Clipchamp, now with autocomposite, helps you with scene suggestions, editing and narratives based on your images and footage automatically, so you can create and edit videos to share with family, friends and social media like a pro .
  • Automatically Saved Session State in Notepad: Notepad will start automatically saving your session state allowing you to close Notepad without interrupting the dialog and then pick up where you left off when you come back. Notebook will automatically restore previously opened tabs, as well as unsaved content and changes to those open tabs.
  • New Outlook for Windows: With the new Outlook for Windows, you can connect and coordinate your various accounts (including Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, and more) in one app. Intelligent tools help you write clear, concise emails and seamlessly attach important documents and photos from OneDrive.
  • Modernized File Explorer: Microsoft introduces a modernized File Explorer home page, address bar, and search box, designed to make it easier for you to access important and relevant content, stay on top of file activity, and collaborate without even opening a file. Also coming to File Explorer is a new Gallery feature designed to make it easier to access your photo collection.
  • Windows Backup: Windows Backup makes moving to a new Windows 11 PC easier than ever. With Windows Backup, transferring most files, apps and settings from one computer to another is seamless so everything is exactly where you left it, exactly the way you want it.
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