Mega Store MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.1.4

The convenience store in the Mega Store sells everything people need. This store is unique, built by you, we use the same effort to accumulate profits. The market needs more and more quality things. But that’s the only way we can move forward. Expand the range of all the products you want. Provide the most reliable service to your customers. In the face of any difficulty, use a practical method you can think of to overcome it.

Managing a real-life store is difficult. This burden will disappear if you use the Mega Store as a new alternative. We have a store that can be managed from a device as compact as a phone. Its development direction will follow you exactly. Fast or slow is still how you adapt to the market. The idle experience is well worth it thanks to the many automatic mechanisms. Not only that, but you can simplify things. Empower yourself to handle weird things with ease.

Download Mega Store – Make your store thrive.

We’ve all seen people buy and sell a lot of things in stores. So you sell these to anyone for a fair price. They come and take and pay for everything they have, and you profit. There are stalls set up to sell goods. Expand the size of the store to accommodate more items. Create a cash register that makes payments easy for everyone. You get a lot of money for everyone who leaves. Therefore, the opportunity to add value to the product cannot be missed. Trading will evolve so you can open up exciting possibilities.

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Create your character.

If you were a manager, what would you like to look like? That will certainly come true, as the Mega Store allows us to change outfits. Various wearables will be provided for you to change. Color can change from pants, shirt, hair, face to skin. Once you have a character you like, don’t be afraid to find yourself a pet. This pet will follow you and give you extra strength. We will complete all tasks and take our positions with confidence. Meet other characters and form healthy relationships. Your curiosity helps you explore your city.

Free Mega Mod Store

destroy the opponent

Your friends are also running their own stores. If left unchecked, they can come and compete for our customers. Don’t let this happen; Use the most difficult tricks. It is calling people to come and destroy their stores. Your staff will smash all the furniture in your opponent’s shop. Then walk away and complete the assigned goal. It will deal great damage to the enemy. If you want protection from retaliation, hire security immediately. The more advanced the protection, the faster it can prevent damage. Try to destroy them all to get a good position.

Mega store mod apk

Position new stores in locations with high sales potential for easy expansion. The local area needs store integration and adaptation. That is, what residents need, you provide those items. From clothes to activities, everything is imported by that culture. That’s why we can inspire and entice customers to buy more in Mega Store mod.

Download Mega Store MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android

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