Meet J Hope Stein, Mike Birbiglia Wife! Her Age, Job

American comedian/actor, narrator, director, producer, and writer Mike Birbiglia, as we know, is a frequent contributor to this american life and Moth. Also, we know him for his various comedy albums and TV specials. However, this text is not about his career or his jokes. Instead, for the rest of the text, we’ll be talking about his wife, Jen Stein, also known as J Hope Stein.

Meet J Hope Stein, wife of comedian Mike Birbiglia

Comedian Mike Birbiglia and his wife J Hope Stein were married on November 24, 2007. Jen, who is Jewish, and Mike, who is Catholic, married at City Hall, instead of the fancy wedding their parents would have liked. families. Mike gave the reason for this in a later interview in 2011. He said that his and his wife’s rule is that whatever they do, they do it because they really enjoy it and because they feel comfortable. So they too felt the same way about their wedding and therefore they got married the way they did. Besides, Nathan Lane was there the day they got married. So the legendary actor/Broadway star ended up witnessing their exchange as well.

Over the years, Jen has been an amazing wife and a great friend. Jen literally tucks Mike into bed at night because he’s sleepwalking. She has rapid eye movement sleep disorder, which once caused her to run out of a second-story motel window. These more than unique experiences even led Mike to write a book called sleepwalk with me.

Another important point is that Jen also ended up convincing him that she had a son. For a long time after he got married, Mike didn’t want children. It took a lot of persuasion for him to get to the ‘need-need-not’ dilemma.

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However, the two eventually agreed and in May 2015, after a difficult pregnancy, they had a daughter, Oona. But even then, Mike struggled to connect with her. It wasn’t until Oona started talking that she felt that she wanted to fully embrace parenting for her. Jen, on the other hand, immediately felt too connected to her. But in between, there were difficulties like Mike having to sleep in a separate room and not being able to help with the baby at night due to his sleepwalking disorder. Meanwhile, due to all of this, Jen feared that her marriage would end due to the emotional distance between her and Mike over the child.

However, now things have fallen into place. Mike himself now talks about how fatherhood is the best thing that can happen to a person.

Speaking of Oona, Jen once said that the youngster “obviously” inherited her parents’ creative passion. She then jokingly added that her daughter is always making, cutting and pasting something.

j hope stein age

J Hope Stein was born in 1973. So, in 2022, he turned 49 years old. Also, this makes her older than her husband, who turned 44 on June 20, 2022.

What is J Hope Stein’s real name?

J Hope Stein’s real name is Jennifer H Stein. The first is just her pseudonym.

Parents of J Hope Stein

Jen’s father is Alan Stein and he is currently married to Gale Greenberg-Stein, not Jen’s mother.

Jen’s parents apparently divorced when she was 2 years old. Since then, her mother has become a successful music publisher, representing everyone from REM and U2 to Rodgers & Hammerstein, Irving Berlin and Leiber & Stoller. According to Jen, she is now a “full-time retired girl.”

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As for Jen’s father, he is likely still a psychotherapist/psychoanalyst with a private practice in Manhattan today.

Other family members we know of would be Jen’s sister, Trisha Brooke, and brother, Jason Stein.

Work of J Hope Stein

In a December 2019 interview, J Hope Stein opened up about how she juggles her job around her daughter’s schedule. He explained that he gets up early with Oona and takes her to school and then from there, she just goes to her first writing session. If all goes well, he told her, she’ll have something by 10 am, and then, if she’s lucky, she’ll be able to get things done before 3, when she picks Oona up from school.

So J Hope is a poet and author who writes under the pen name J. Hope Stein. Until recently, he kept this fact a secret. He later revealed on Brenda O’Meara’s podcast that, aside from her husband and a few poet friends, she hadn’t told anyone under what name he wrote or when his poems were published. He said that he simply hid his manuscripts around the house. To date, he has written five books of poetry, including a talking doll, Maria, corner office, periodically, I’m pulling your brains out of your noseand little astronaut.

While Jen started writing songs after her boyfriend died, Mike pushed her to focus solely on writing. And before starting to write, she had an office job. She often talks about how she threw herself into her office job for 10 years.

If you also need to know about his net worth, he is expected to have more than $800 thousand by the end of 2022.

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How tall is J Hope Stein?

J Hope Stein is under 5’6”.

She is only a few inches shorter than her husband.

Related FAQ

  • When is J Hope Stein’s birthday?

J Hope Stein’s birthday is in June.

  • Where is J Hope Stein from?

J Hope Stein was probably born and raised in New York, New York

  • Is J Hope Stein on Instagram?

That. J Hope Stein can be found on Instagram @jhopestein with 68 posts and 10.4K followers as of December 27, 2022.

Additionally, Jen has been on Twitter @PoetryCrush where she mentioned that she is “the author of Little Astronaut, proudly unverified, unverifiable, unwilling to be verified.” Also, you can follow her on her ‘Jen Stein’ Facebook page.

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