Man finds worms inside Kellogg’s Chocos, shares video. How company replied

A man shared a video on Instagram showing himself breaking apart pieces of Kellogg’s Chocos chocolate and finding worms in them. In the video, he continues to crush the pieces to reveal the tiny white bugs inside. His video also sparked a backlash from the company.

The picture shows a worm inside a broken piece of Kellogg’s Chocos. (Instagram/@cummentwala_69)

“Extra protein ayya kya? [Did I get extra protein]”, wrote the Instagram user sharing the video. The clip begins with him taking out a piece of cereal and breaking it open to reveal a white bug inside. He then proceeds to do just that with a few more pieces. Towards the end, the video shows pieces of cereal crushed into dust with tiny white insects clinging to them.

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Responding to a comment on his post, the Instagram user also explained why he decided to break the pieces and investigate. He said that his younger sister told him that her cereal had an unpleasant taste. He decided to check the box and realized that there were worms inside. Then he took a video. The man also explained that the product was not close to its expiration date and that it had been stored in a cool place.

Check out this video showing the worms inside Kellogg’s Chocos:

The post was shared on January 22. It has since garnered several comments, including one from Kellogg’s India.

How did Kellogg’s react to this worm video?

The company shared a standardized response on February 6 and also apologized to the man. “We deeply regret the inconvenience we have caused you. Our consumer affairs team will get in touch with you to understand your concerns. Please inbox us your contact information,” the company wrote. The man later shared an update on February 10 and posted, “No response from their end.”

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How did Instagram users react to this post?

“Hell, I got a few live worms from this same product years ago. Many years ago, when social media was not so common. The same day I stopped eating chocolates. I can’t believe they are still selling worms with this!” wrote the Instagram user. “I got the same problem once,” added another. “New fear unlocked,” joined a third.

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