Man dissolves Coca-Cola can with drain cleaner to reveal hidden ‘plastic’ layer inside. Watch

A video of a man dissolving a can of Coca-Cola with drain cleaner was shared on social media. After it melts, a person finds a thin and transparent layer similar to plastic inside it. He posted the video on Instagram and wrote: “Another reason to avoid these drinks.”

The image shows the ‘plastic’ layer of a Coca-Cola can after it has been placed in a powerful drain cleaner. (Instagram/@learnwithadithya)

Instagram user Adithya Nataraj shared the video. At first, he uses sandpaper to file the outer layer of the can. When he’s done, he pours out most of the drink and carefully dips part of the can into a glass filled with strong drain cleaner.

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Almost instantly, the can begins to melt, and in about two minutes the metal part disappears. Then a thin ‘plastic’ layer is revealed.

Near the end of the video, Nataraj says, “Even though you’re buying a metal can, you’re still drinking from a plastic one. So imagine the total number of microplastics that enter your body every time you drink one of these.”

In the comments section of the post, Nataraj added: “For those of you wondering about the science behind it: soft drink cans are made of aluminum alloy and the drain cleaner here is a NaOH (sodium hydroxide) solution. These the two react in an exothermic reaction, which produces a lot of heat (you can see the bubbles and steam if you look closely). The drain cleaner (NaOH) only reacts and dissolves the aluminum, not reacting with the plastic layer. This is also why NaOH is usually stored in plastic containers”.

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Why do aluminum cans have this transparent coating?

According to an article published in Medium, aluminum cans are lined with a protective cover, usually a polymer plastic liner. This layer creates a barrier between aluminum and soda, preventing their reaction. Although the use of this coating in cans is common knowledge among manufacturers, it can often come as a surprise to end users.

Watch this Coca-Cola can video here:

The video was released last month. Since then, it has garnered more than 33.4 million views – and the numbers are only growing. The sharing also prompted people to post different reactions. While some were horrified, a few tried to explain the reason behind the ship. Some even laughed while commenting.

What did Instagram users say about the Coca-Cola can video?

“Bro woke up and decided to go to war with Coca-Cola,” the Instagram user posted.

“This is so scary,” added another.

“My guy acts like almost every other food or drink is free of microplastics,” chimed in a third.

“Very clever man. Good job,” wrote a fourth.

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