Luca Delfino Wikipedia, Wiki, Biografhia

Luca Delfino Wikipedia, Wiki, Biografhia

Luca Delfino Wikipedia, Wiki, Biografhia – Although Luca Delfino was found guilty of only one murder—a femicide—that occurred to an ex of his, he is sometimes referred to as “the girlfriend killer” in the plural. He was investigated and charged with the murder of another ex-girlfriend a year prior; however, he was ultimately found not guilty in court.

Luca Delfino Wikipedia, Wiki, Biografhia

Who is Luca Delfino?

The 1977-year-old male is currently being held in La Spezia prison after spending a considerable amount of time there. While the mother committed suicide, the father started a new family with a different lady, and they had a second son. Delfino quickly found his new family’s surroundings intolerable and moved out on the streets, occasionally working as a barman. His legal case actually started in a bar.

Murder of Luciana Biggi

According to the Penitentiary Police website, Luciana Biggi had gone out with companions on January 6, 2006, and they had first visited a pub before spending the evening at a disco. She was 36 years old, an aerobics instructor in the province of Imperia, and she lived alone because both of her parents and her brother had passed away from drug overdoses. She too had battled addictions, and Bruna, who occasionally stopped to sleep at her house, remained by her side in life.

On the eve of the Epiphany, Biggi was harassed by two inebriated patrons at that pub and “saved” by a different young guy with whom she had exchanged a grin. Delfino was the person Biggi met that night and who she then carried home that same night, in spite of her sister’s objections. Delfino then entered into a domestic partnership with the woman, but things quickly went awry since he was possessive and their fights got more and more violent. In the end, Luciana Biggi decided to leave him. Nevertheless, Delfino was unaffected and would have continued to call the woman nonstop if he had engaged in stalking behaviour.

This continued up until the night of April 28 and 29, 2006, when Biggi was discovered dead by a couple who were out for a stroll in Genoa’s carruggi. She was bleeding from the arm, had her pants down and had her sweatshirt pulled up over her breasts. She also had her neck slit.

Delfino was looked into right away in part because he had been set up by nearby security cameras, which had captured him on the night of the murder heading in the same direction as the victim. Delfino promptly washed his shoes and clothes after getting home, saying to the investigators that he had “thrown up on myself” even though they had not uncovered any evidence against him there.

Murder of Antonio Multari

Following the death of Luciana Biggi, Delfino started dating Antonella Multari, a 32-year-old worker at a spa. Even with her, they moved in together right away, and just like with Biggi, there were plenty of violent fights. One such fight alarmed the Multaris, Antonella’s parents, who later learned that Delfino was being sought for the murder of an ex after conducting an Internet search. At first, Antonella Multari rejected her parents’ counsel, but she later had a change of heart. She quit working for Delfino and filed a lawsuit against him, which she ultimately withdrew in December 2006.

Delfino employed stalking as a method of communication with Multari in addition to phone calls at the time. And he allegedly texted her on April 28, the anniversary of Luciana Biggi’s murder, saying, “Remember what day it is today.” On August 10, 2007, a man travelled to Sanremo and found Antonella Multari outside the beauty salon where she worked. He waited for her behind a wall and stabbed her 40 times before being stopped by a bystander and being taken into custody by police who had been informed by the public.

Trials and Prison

In spite of the prosecution’s request for a life sentence for premeditated homicide, the judge ultimately sentenced Delfino to 16 years and 8 months with a shortened procedure and 5 years of treatment in a mental health facility in January 2009. Delfino requested to visit Antonella Multari during the sessions, demonstrating his ignorance of what had occurred. Delfino was also described by the judge as “subject to high social risk”. Richard Lamonaca, according to the most recent psychiatric report, which dates back to two or three years ago—I forget exactly—is still regarded as socially harmful, his lawyer tells

But on February 14, 2011, Luciana Biggi’s murderer was declared innocent. Delfino was found not guilty of the crimes because “the motive, while existing, alone is not suitable for integrating the probative framework in such a way as to allow us to believe unequivocally that the Dauphin followed Biggi into the alley and attacked her in a fit of resentment and because she did not want to be left,” according to the verdict. There is no concrete proof of the Dauphin’s presence at the scene of the crime, and even less so of his direct involvement in the assault.

Delfino, who receives discounts for good behaviour but whose situation has occasionally gotten worse in prison due to both the accusation of harassment by a night watchman, which occurred two days before the murder of Multari, and the accusations of other prisoners, should have his sentence completed in September 2023. “The sentence should naturally end on September 11,” continues Lamonaca, “but Delfino was given 45 days off.” Which implies that he might be let out of jail in July. He also appealed the possibility of an additional 45 days being added to his sentence after they were initially recognised and then cancelled owing to issues in prison.

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