Love Is Blind: What Raven Ross Is Up To Post Cheating Scandal

Love is blind Season 3 is just as explosive as the first two, raising the question of what happened to Raven Ross, a 30-year-old Pilates trainer and one of the pioneers in finding love. She showed off her weird workout routine as partner Batis Bowden shared a vulnerable moment before accepting a marriage proposal from Nigerian-American businessman SK Alagbada. And her weekend reveal reveals that she’s a peddler/bartender girl. behind the altar The episode that aired on February 10 shed some light on the soon-to-be couple. Fitness guru Raven has been very busy following allegations of cheating after the finale.

While her insistence on keeping SK in line with lifestyle choices around exercise sometimes makes it seem difficult for her to maintain, on the eve of the wedding, the couple’s relationship growth The pair looked like they would both say, “I agree. Raven was shocked when SK refused at the altar, indicating the two needed more time before making such an important decision. behind the altar, Raven and SK are revealed to be in a happy long distance relationship. However, speculation about the cheating scandal has surfaced after a woman publicly accused SK of talking to her on a dating app in November 2022, when he was allegedly dating again. dating Raven. divide before the end of three parts Blind Love: Behind the Altar series, in Scandal.

Love Is Blind’s Raven Ross Moves In With A Secret New Boyfriend

based on us weekly, the crow has a new term. She spoke on condition of anonymity, but joked, “This is very serious.” diva Love is blindDuring the reunion in November, Raven revealed on her Instagram that the couple had broken up due to SK’s infidelity. SK strongly denied the fraud allegations, saying lifestyle None of the rumors are true. SK claims that he was talking to the woman on the dating app when he and Raven weren’t actually together. The whole process of reconnecting and crashing is recorded in three parts, despite his efforts to prevent fraudulent rumors Blind Love: Behind the Altar special.

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Love Is Blind’s Raven Ross turns SK cheating into career advancement

Aside from joking that yes, “There must be someone” She is serious, well-regarded by her friends, Love is blind Co-starring Nancy Rodriguez, Raven has more career aspirations. In her televised heartbreak, they are bearing fruit. 30-year-old Pilates trainer and fitness guru Raven revealed her 14-day “Body Revenge” program on February 14, which will begin via Playbook on February 27. Even though it’s hard to get along with her at first, Raven continues on Love is blind, This opens the door to entrepreneurship. Even though she’s heartbroken on the show, next reunion, and behind the altar series, it looks like she’s turning the pain of a breakup into a bold and lucrative career move.

fireworks in Love is blind No wonder people still care about Raven today. It’s human nature to stand up for those who are despised, so now is the perfect time for Raven to once again be the center of attention in her personal and professional life. earlier, Love is blind The stars seem to be there for influence, not for love within the group. While she’s generally loved throughout the series’ third season, she needs to prove her authenticity. Raven recently shared her advice for the future Love is blind Actress, it can make her seem more real than in the show.

As a businesswoman, she’s taking advantage of the climax of her heartbreak to make smart moves. However, she may also be trying to distract herself from on-screen relationships. Despite that, she still caught the eye of the public months after the hit Netflix reality show ended. With the approval of the other women on the podcast, here’s hoping her new relationship will stick around and be drama-free. Hopefully there will be updates on her mystery man in the coming months. Meanwhile, Raven from Love is blind It is possible to inspire others to take revenge on the body this Valentine season by motivating them.

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