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One of the couples who star in the second season of the popular WETV show love during confinement They are Louie and Melissa. They were the best of friends in high school, but moved into different social circles. When Melissa had trouble finding the right man, fate brought her and Louie together. She met Louie in high school and remembers him looking “very hot” in the trailer.

Welcome to Melissa’s Love during Lockup bio, where you’ll find details about her last name, age, job, and more.

Love during confinement Is Melissa still with Louie?

Jersey girl Melissa and bad boy Louie met on and off in high school, but they always ran in different circles. While Melissa was working as a mail carrier, she saw some letters from inmates that motivated her to write to Louie while she was in prison. She is very much in love with him, but her noisy family opposes her union.

In the teaser, Melissa can be seen dressing up as his cheerleader during one of his video calls, and despite his protests, it shows him outside the prison. As she prepares to go to Georgia with her boyfriend, Melissa joins a prison women’s club to help her as she battles loneliness while Louie is in prison.

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Louie didn’t like the whole encounter, especially Melissa showing him her breasts from afar. They have been friends for a long time, and in addition to visiting him at work, Melissa is also in town to see Louie in prison.

It looks like Louie may be in a big repair shop when Melissa visits him at work, albeit across a beautiful field, so it’s not immediately noticeable. Louie may be working on trucks while he’s out of prison because the parking lot is full of semi-trucks and other work trucks.

Welders can also use items. Georgia inmates have access to a variety of prison work release programs, including painting and body work on government cars and trucks, other jobs including gasoline and diesel auto and truck mechanics, road construction, and facility maintenance.

Louie obviously still has a set of rules to follow while on the job, regardless of what he does for a living during his work release program. He is angry when Melissa shows him in the video. He admits to her that he’s not sure what will happen if he gets into trouble because of Melissa’s unexpected visit.

“I mean, I came all the way here and I just wanted to see you,” Melissa says.

Since she fell in love with Louie in high school, Melissa hadn’t seen him in person. While they wait for his release, they could become more than pen pals in prison.

We also see Louie’s mom on the show put Melissa in her place for “impulsive” visit your business. Melissa flew hours from her home state to Georgia to spy on Louie while he was participating in her work release program because she was desperate to see him. After an unplanned visit, Melissa sits down with Louie’s mother to tell her about her distant experience.

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From Friday’s episode, an exclusive WeTV clip reveals just how upset Louie’s mum is over Melissa’s uninvited visit. When Louie’s mother confronts Melissa about why she got to her house so late, Melissa tells the truth. Melissa replies, “Because I actually saw Louie.” Louie’s mother looks visibly shocked. She says, “Excuse me.

Melissa goes on to reveal how she spied on him while he was driving a long distance to his work release program.

“We’re not going to put Louie in danger,” his mom jokes. “I want him to come home, so don’t,” she adds. Melissa explains that she just wanted to “take a look” at Louie and admits that his visit was “impulsiveand not the best decision.

In addition, she also meets Louie’s ex-boss, Dirk, and talks about her boyfriend. Dirk says, “he was an alcoholic even before he worked here.” However, according to Dirk, Oxycot*n caught him. In the confessional, Melissa questions if she is with a real addict and what she is getting herself into. She was also afraid of the things she might say that would prompt him to come back.

Love during the incarceration of Melissa Age

At the time of filming Lockdown Love, Melissa was 39 years old.

What is love during incarceration Melissa Surname?

Love during lockdown Melissa’s last name is probably Leist. Her name is probably Melissa Schroeder Leist.

Love during the lockdown by Melissa Job

in the show, love during confinementMelissa shared that she has a college education. She looks like she was telling the truth. But before that, let’s explore her career.

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Melissa began her work in the US Army as an OR Specialist stationed in Bagram, Afghanistan for one year. She was an operating room specialist for the US Army Reserve for 8 years. From 2004 to 2009, Melissa worked at Monmouth Medical Center as a surgical technician.

Additionally, Melissa worked at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital as a physician assistant and cardiac care unit. Her current job is as a Family Nurse Practitioner at Atlantic Highlands Medical Associates.

However, according to the show, Melissa worked for the US Postal Service.

Speaking of her education, Melissa earned her ASN in Nursing from Brookdale Community College in 2009. She graduated from Rutgers University. Additionally, she graduated with a Master of Nursing from Monmouth University in 2017.

Love During Incarceration Melissa Height

Love During Lockdown Melissa is approximately 5 feet 6 inches tall.

Related FAQ

  • Where did the love in prison Melissa come from?

Melissa from Love When Lockup is currently based in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey. She has also lived in Highlands, New Jersey and Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

  • Love during Melissa’s Instagram lockdown?

Yes, Love While Lockup Melissa has an IG account (@melissak_lovewhileuringlockup). She is also on TikTok (@Melissak424).

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