Lost Ark: How To Unlock The Astray Ship

The lost ship is the best ship lost box, with the highest speed of all ships of its size, including good resistance to all kinds of toxic water. As one would expect, acquiring such a precious vessel takes a lot of effort, but those who put in the time will find their effort well worth it. However, there are prerequisites before that lost box The characters begin the journey to get the best ship in the game.

First of all, adventurers need to gain the ability to cross the Axia Sea by completing the quest,”off!“This quest marks the end of the East Loutra storyline. Next, lost box Fans must be level 50 to unlock some Dailies in Una Quest,”pest control“This requires the player to fight off some pirates from Blackfang’s Lair island. Finally,”She drifts, the ocean’s gift” is another Daily Quest that must be unlocked to get one of the pieces needed to build the Heresy. Completing this Daily Quest will give you access to “latik“Lawson’s World Quest.

For those who don’t know, Rothun is the capital of Rohendel, an area towards the end of the game that requires the player to lost box Into the mainland. In addition, there are two prerequisite quests, “new trip” And”The wall of the three cities of Nanhe,” must also be completed to upgrade the player’s ship to level 2 and thus gain access to the Rondel. Queen Irene will likely reveal both of these quests to adventurers once they’ve completed the entire North Fern quest sequence.

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Unlock the lost ship in the Lost Chest

build the lost ship lost box, the player must talk to Belrod in Blackfang’s Lair. He needs the following materials and construction costs 10,000 × credits:

  • Heresy architectural blueprint×1
  • Heresy Operation Manual × 1
  • Pirate ID × 1
  • Wood×570
  • Rare Ship Parts Structure × 375

Collect unique items, components and rare materials for ships lost box Players can take anywhere from a few weeks to a month. in other words, lost box Fans should be ready to spend a lot of time getting their hands on Astray.

Here is a brief overview of how to source each required document.

  • Astray Build Blueprints – Rewards players who reach prestige level 3 (12 days) by repeating daily quests”She drifts, the ocean’s gift,” corresponds to the location of the event.
  • Heresy Activity Notebook – Obtained by completing quests,”One Piece: Lost“, sold by Sailor Rosa at Blackfang Cave for 300,000 × Pirate Coins.
  • Pirate Certificate – Awarded to players who achieve level 3 prestige (8 days) by repeating daily quests”pest control“This has something to do with Blackfang’s lair.
  • Wood – Usually obtained from various quests and chests
  • Rare Ship Spare Materials – Usually obtained from chests and quests, especially on the islands of Axia lost box

lost box Available on PC via Steam.

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