Lost Ark Engraving guide: How to facet Ability Stones, unlock Engravings, and more

The lost trunkThe engraving system offers a robust way to customize your character and differentiate yourself from the competition. You won’t see its true benefits until you reach the end of the game, but there’s no doubt that you’ll need to take full advantage of it to conquer the game’s most challenging content.

Whether you’re new to Engravings and trying to figure out how it works, or you’ve just finished the main campaign and are ready to fully invest in some nodes, here’s everything you need to know about Engravings, Ability Stones, and accessing their useful perks.

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What are the engravings in the Lost Ark?

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Engravings are passive skills that improve your character. That’s really all they are — the main reason the system feels complex is all the jargon you’re presented with. But get past the fancy archaic language and you’ll quickly discover that the system is incredibly simple and extremely powerful.

Engravings are divided into two categories — Combat and Class. Battle engravings can be used by all characters, while class engravings are exclusive to a specific class. For example, Igniter Engraving can only be used by the Sorceress class and gives them a unique perk that helps reduce cooldowns.

Once unlocked, up to two engravings can be directly equipped to your character, although more can be added using accessories and ability stones.

Leveling up and equipping Gravure

Lost Ark Engravings menu showing active effects.Image used with permission of the copyright holder

One of the great things about engravings is that they can be leveled up to get extra perks. This is done by accessing the nodes on your engraving, which are shown as small diamonds on the Engraving menu (in the image above, Drops of Ether has six nodes accessed). Every five nodes you access will level up your engraving — in other words, the more nodes you access, the more powerful the engraving effect. In fact, your engraving will not give any benefits until at least five nodes have access.

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In other words — Engravings contain 15 nodes, and every five nodes gives you additional benefits. An eight-knot engraving has the same effect as a five-knot engraving, and a 14-knot engraving has the same effect as a 10-knot engraving.

There are different ways to access nodes on Engravings, and it’s important to take advantage of all of them. Here’s a quick overview of all three:

  • Engraving Recipes: Reading recipes for certain engravings will unlock and level them up. Hovering over the engraving entry in the Engraving Effect menu will tell you exactly which recipe (and how much) you need to read before leveling up. These unlocked engravings can then be equipped by your character in equipment menu to access its nodes. Each character can equip two engravings — or you can equip the same engraving twice to access dual nodes.
  • Accessories: Some accessories will give you access to various engraving nodes. Be sure to pay attention to them as you progress through the game and stick to the ones you think will be useful during the end game.
  • Ability Stones: These items can be found throughout the world of Arkesia and can access various engraving nodes. However, they must be faceted (see below) and equipped to have any effect.

How to facet ability stones

Faceting menu in Lost Ark.Image used with permission of the copyright holder

Ability stones are one of the best ways to increase your engravings. You will find them by defeating enemies, searching each map or as rewards for completing various missions. Ability stones are items that can be equipped to your character to access additional nodes for your engravings.

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Once you find an ability stone, you’ll need to equip it before gaining any perks. Here’s how it works:

  • Take your ability stone to the stonecutter. You’ll find them in all major cities, but the first one you’ll come across is Brite in Luterra Castle.
  • Click on the ability stone you want to facet. This will pull up a menu showing two engravings and one negative effect — each with several nodes.
  • To facet your ability stone, you must try to access each node for all three abilities. The success rate for each attempt is displayed on the right side of the screen. A failed attempt will increase this rate by 10%, while a successful attempt will decrease it by 10%.
  • Once you’ve attempted to access all the nodes (four for each ability in the screenshot above, for a total of twelve), the ability stone will be processed and ready for use.

Ideally, you’ll access as many engraving nodes as possible, while leaving the debuff with a few nodes accessed. Unfortunately, it’s all chance and you can’t use an ability stone until you’ve tried every single node.

With a fully faceted ability stone, open your Inventory and equipment Menu. In the lower right corner equipment menu, you’ll see an ability stone slot — simply right-click or drag an ability stone into the appropriate slot to equip it.

Once you’ve done that, move on to yours Engraving menu to see how it has changed your engraving effects. You will now notice a negative effect at the bottom of the screen, although it will not activate unless there are at least five nodes accessed.

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Summary of the Lost Ark Engraving

It takes a few minutes for the engravings to completely wrap around your head, but the system eventually becomes second nature. Here’s a quick overview of the system, along with a few pitfalls to watch out for:

  • Engravings are passive abilities that only activate when they have at least five access nodes.
  • Nodes can be accessed by reading recipes, equipping accessories, or equipping fully faceted ability stones.
  • Ability stones can only be used after they have been fully faceted — that is, you have attempted all nodes in the Stone Cutter.
  • You can see all your active engraving effects on your Character profile under Engravings submenu.
  • Two engravings can be equipped in equipment Menu. You can also equip the same engraving twice to double the access nodes.
  • Class Engravings often give very different benefits and can radically change the way you play the game. When you’re ready to invest in them, be sure to look carefully at how they’ll affect your character.

If you are just starting out with The lost trunk, don’t worry too much about the engravings. The system is primarily built for endgame players, and there’s a good chance you won’t need their passives to complete the main quest. Until then, simply collect your ability stones, look at a few engravings that you think sound interesting, and slowly learn the intricacies of the powerful system.

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