Liars often say these phrases without realizing it, here's how to spot them

Liars use strategies to give their speech more credibility when they speak.

Liars use strategies to give their speech more credibility when they speak.

Those who usually lie usually have a well-equipped repertoire for a great manipulation of the interlocutors. To do this, the liar does not hesitate to change the tone of his voice and make gestures to attract the attention of his victim. Here are the phrases they use very often. If you learn to detect them, you will also be able to detect lies.

When a liar is questioned or someone begins to suspect him, the first thing he does is shift the blame onto someone else. At such times, he enjoys calling his victim crazy and spares no effort to accuse her.

A liar is so manipulative that they have the nerve to say “there’s no reason for me to lie to you.” With this sentence he wants to convince you that what he says is true and that you should believe him.

Another thing this person will do is swear to prove that their lie is the absolute truth! So don’t be fooled by an ordinary oath! It can be riddled with distortions and inconsistencies.

Related to the previous point, the liar will also want to tell his victim to trust him. After all, it’s his way of trying to sound serious about what he says.

Of course, a liar will shamelessly repeat “it’s true” after a lot of talking and lying. Be careful!

Finally, the liar will also try to deceive you by saying that he would never deceive you. This is another strategic phrase used by liars to try to give more credibility to their lying words.

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