Let’s find out why you should adopt a fluffy and cute Pomeranian

Teacup Pomeranians are small in size and that’s why we call them that. The average size of this teacup pom pom ranges from 3 to 7 pounds and is 8-11 inches tall. It is considered one of the smallest Pomeranian breeds.

This is the right choice when one has a small garden or a small house. These are sweet and adorable dogs.

They love to cuddle up in someone’s lap and it’s a way to rest. These Teacup Poms are friendly, energetic, and playful pups.


They are also very active. Their love and care makes a man have a dog as a mate. If you give your dog love and care, your love will be doubled and even more. They are perfect watch dogs. Pomeranians are wise, wonderful, and fascinating. Despite their small size, they bark loudly at the right time.


If necessary, they will bark loudly and loudly. They may even wake you up with their barking. Every dog ​​has its own personality, characteristics, care needs, and characteristics.


You should also consider size and food and nutrition before bringing your pet into the house.

These dogs have attracted the attention of many people because of their adorable appearance and fluffy fur.

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