Lebanon, and Ali Babas 40 robbers

A TV ad that takes you on vacation. People’s judgment can be as accurate as 1001 public inquiries. For colloquial so now there is utbombete th

TV tips that take you on vacation

People’s judgment can be as accurate as 1001 public inquiries. Because colloquially, so that there are now utbombets, the Sides port area of ​​the Lebanese capital of Beirut has been renamed “The cave of Ali Baba and the 40 bandits.” The fairy tale of 1001 Nights tells how the røverhøvdingen Ali Baba hid, his thieves and their loot in a cave that they could open with magic words. Not unlike how lies and besvergelser, the magic words, made the port of Beirut considered the most corrupt place in Lebanon.

Include user LydErrorAllerede plus? Demonstration: A large crowd gathered in Sides, Lebanon’s capital Beirut, on Saturday, August 8. Video: AP See more

Corruption in Lebanon is now free from the calamity that struck Beirut last week. Although the explosive power was extraordinary, so was the reason why the explosives were stored in the ordinary port area; nobody cared, nobody took responsibility for moving it, although “everyone” knew it was dangerous, and warnings were sent to those “in charge”. The political recognition that this indifference generated brought the hallowed ten thousand protesters to the streets. On Saturday he occupied the country’s chancellery demanding that the government leave. But then they were overpowered and chased away by the security forces.

– Have everything to win for the distribution of blame

One of the key demands is a gigantic constitutional reform, where state offices do not follow religious divisions. Lebanon is a politically and culturally complex mosaic of mostly Sunni Muslims, Shia Muslims, and Christians. For that, they should be able to coexist as a developed Lebanon and the maktfordelingsprinsipp where each group should control their positions in the state. But instead, to produce balance, the system has produced endemic corruption, where everyone is responsible for “his own”, but no one is responsible for the whole, for Lebanon. This has led to certain Iran (Shia) and Saudi Arabia (Sunni) having a dangerous influence in Lebanon.

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Vanstyret’s political structures made for easy reading. Political Lebanon has not agreed on a budget for 11 years. The coin is in free fall and has lost 80 percent of its value in the past few months. The proportion of poor was 45 percent last year, but it is expected to be 75 percent during the year. The corruption system represents 9 percent of GDP, according to a World Bank report. Lebanon is too modern for constitutional reforms. But the country is also in the violence of its neighbors. Neither Iran nor Saudi Arabia will help Lebanon. Well, I would prefer not to, in Syria I would.

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