Kyle Walker was living secret double life – he was too weak to tell Annie, so I showed her DNA test, says Lauryn Goodman

MODEL Lauryn Goodman has opened up about the traumatic moment she revealed to Kyle Walker’s wife Annie that he had secretly fathered a second child with her.

She took matters into her own hands after months of pleading with the Man City ace to reveal her secret doppelganger – seeing her youngest son and daughter in visits he hid from his long-term wife.


Lauryn Goodman told The Sun On Sunday she no longer wants her family to be a hidden secretCredit: Click News & Media
Kyle Walker has split from wife Annie Kilner since it was revealed he is the father of Lauryn's second child


Kyle Walker splits from wife Annie Kilner since it was revealed he is the father of Lauryn’s second childCredit: instagram

In an exclusive interview with The Sun on Sunday, Lauryn said that after so many injustices, she knew she had to do the right thing and reveal the truth to Annie so they could all “live their lives as adults”.

Fighting back tears, the 32-year-old said: “I kept telling Kyle, ‘You have to tell her.

“You have to tell Annie that you are the father of our daughter and that you have a relationship with your children.

“We have to start 2024 in an open way. If everyone knows where they are, they can make their own decisions for the adults in life.”

“I didn’t want to cause Annie more pain or be a bitch, but I had to tell her because Kyle was too weak to do it.

“Hearings about our daughter were coming up, paperwork was circulating and legal meetings were held and Annie needed to know the truth before anything went public.

“Kyle was happy hiding the truth because he had two families and was afraid of what would happen when Annie found out, but I kept telling him, ‘Our daughter can’t be a secret, she’s human.’

“I didn’t want them to be separated or hurt, but it had to be public for the benefit of all of us.

“When I told Annie, she was cool and calm.”

Last week, Annie announced that she was separating from Manchester City and England defender Kyle, 33, after two years of marriage.

Manchester City footballer Kyle has three children with Annie and two with Lauryn


Manchester City footballer Kyle has three children with Annie and two with LaurynCredit: Getty

Despite Lauryn never revealing the father’s identity, hours later it was confirmed that she and Kyle welcomed a baby girl last summer.

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They already had a three-year-old son, Kairo, born after a brief relationship when the footballer split from childhood sweetheart Annie.

But their little girl, now almost six months old, was conceived while he was married to Annie.

Kyle and Annie, who have three sons together and married in 2021, now live separately.

He moved into a flat near the family home in Prestbury, Cheshire.

Lauryn, who lives in Brighton, said: “It peaked on December 23.

“Kyle and I were in a legal meeting earlier that month and I knew he was lying to me – and he was lying to her.

“When she was good, I was bad, and when she was bad, I was good. He played us, he had two lives.

“That night he said he wanted to FaceTime me on Christmas Day, but I said, ‘No, this is over, this is too toxic.’ I needed him to stop lighting me up and I blocked him.

“The day after Boxing Day I got someone to text Annie because I knew he was away playing so I could talk to her and tell her privately the truth that Kyle is my daughter’s father.

“She told me: ‘I had a feeling and I was telling my friends that she was his daughter.’ They told her she was crazy. I said, ‘That’s not very nice.’

Lauryn says Annie showed the DNA test to prove Kyle's paternity to her children


Lauryn says Annie showed DNA test to prove Kyle’s paternity to her kidsCredit: Click News & Media

“Kyle has denied being his daughter many, many times. I don’t think Annie wanted to believe it was true, which is understandable.

“She kept asking for proof so I showed her the DNA test, but even then she doubted it was real until I pointed out my daughter’s name on the paperwork.

“Annie and I FaceTimed later and my daughter was there.”

As the women talked, they realized that the former Spurs player had lied to them both.

Lauryn said, “She asked all kinds of questions. I said, ‘I don’t want to hurt you,’ but she insisted on seeing the photos, getting the details.

“I showed her one of Kyle and Kairo playing soccer together. I know he has photos of our children in Manchester City, I’ve met him many times since Kairo was born. He met his daughter.”

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She continued: “I told Annie, ‘I’m not going to do anything, I’d always talk to you first, that’s what I do here. I just don’t want my daughter to be a secret’.

“She was trying to put it all together. She said Kyle was going home in the evening so she couldn’t figure out how he did it.

“But I always traveled to Manchester for him to see Cairo, somewhere close to training because he doesn’t have that many days off.”

Lauryn says she and Kyle became close again while going to legal meetings to discuss Cairo.

He admits: “Something clicked. We are back to the way we were before.”

They would even have family days out and she said: “I remember going to a farm in Cheshire and he was feeding the animals Cairo like all the other fathers.

“But he also tried to control me, so I did as he said. He would often use FaceTime. When he was at the World Cup or with England, he would always say: ‘Are you free, are you free?’.

“However, as time passed, I realized that we are a secret family. And that’s what he wanted.

“I was no secret to his England teammates — they would come on the phone when he followed me on FaceTime.

“In one call, he promised to bring a soccer ball from the World Cup to Cairo. And he did, one of the real balls.

“The blue Man City shirt he wears with ‘Dad’ on the back was also bought by Kyle.”

Yesterday, Lauryn was pictured at Gatwick Airport with her two children as she prepared to fly on holiday.

She was seen looking relaxed in a cropped top and black tights, while carrying a suitcase with the initials KW for son Kairo Walker.

She cleared things up with Annie before running away.

She added: “I apologized and apologized, but I also said, ‘There was obviously bad blood between us.’ I told her that I didn’t want to have this conversation, that I was doing it and that I would tell her myself. I said he should have done it.”

Annie and Kyle's separate statements left Lauryn feeling compelled to speak up


Annie and Kyle’s separate statements left Lauryn feeling she had to speak out Credit: Getty

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But Annie’s statement and Kyle’s subsequent statement not mentioning his son and daughter with Lauryn caused her to speak up.

On Friday, Kyle said: “Annie is an amazing woman and I can only apologize for the upset I have caused her.

“She has been a part of my life for so long and that will never change for the sake of our children.

“I would ask for the privacy of our entire family, especially our young children, as we go through these difficult times.”

But Lauryn said: “I told Annie I was going to keep quiet but now it’s impossible after what they’ve done so I have to speak up.

“In the statement, he said ‘our’ children, not all ‘my’ children. They put this out there.

“Kyle had a chance to get all his kids involved here, but he didn’t. He doesn’t think of his children, he thinks of himself.

“I don’t blame myself for the breakup of their marriage — other women have come to me saying they were with Kyle too.

“Yes, I should never have slept with a married man and had a relationship with him – but he lied to me too.

“When the press said he got married, he said he didn’t and told me: ‘It’s not what it seems, believe me.’

“He lulled me into a false sense of security. He gave me a completely different picture of his life that was far from the truth.”

Now Lauryn doesn’t know what the future holds for her son and daughter.

She added: “All I can do is be the best parent possible.

“I always wanted Cairo to have his dad in his life. What mother wouldn’t? And I want the same for my daughter.

“I wanted everything to be open and honest between me, him and Annie – now it is.

“He always told me that he wanted a relationship with all his children, but now I don’t know what was the lie and what was the truth.”

Annie wanted to know all the details about Kyle's affair and meetings with Lauryn


Annie wanted to know all the details about Kyle’s affair and meetings with Lauryn Credit: Getty – Contributor

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