Kucing Kena Blender Cat Blender Video Footage on Twitter has surfaced online

Seconds ago, a terrible video appeared on the web. The graphics of this viral video are quite disturbing which made us spot this. There are many people who haven’t seen the video, but the chaos is forcing them to. And those who have seen this video are shocked and are asking to file a lawsuit against the person who uploaded this video. Simply put, the video shows the cruelty that has happened to the cat and you will be shocked to know it. A viral video that is trending on the web through a certain keyword is “Twitter Video Cat In Blender”.

Kucing Kena Blender Cat Blender Twitter Footage

By keyword, you can find out where the chaos started and what was actually shown in the video that made it go viral. Yes, you are right, in this viral video some scared people put an innocent cat in the blender. Not only the video but also the image of the viral video is also spread on the internet. Most people think this video is fake, however, the truth needs to be found out. After watching the chaos and controversy this video creates, we came here to find out the truth about it.

Twitter Cat Blender

As the keyword suggests, in the viral video, the cat is seen being put in a blender, with a face full of fear and tears. One can hear a cat meowing, but to one person it is funny. This video clearly shows an act of cruelty to animals that shocked, shocked and outraged netizens. People want to know about the culprit and demand strict action against that person. Some people want to know who posted this video and who recorded it. The title of the video became infamous on Reddit as well as Twitter for its shocking content.

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Video blender Kucing Ken

This act shows a brutal act of animal cruelty that is beyond words. At the beginning of the video, an unidentified person can be seen putting a live cat in a blender and then turning it on, the blades making an annoying high-pitched whirring sound and clotting. The cat is in pain and can be seen struggling in pain, its meowing disturbing, but the person shows no mercy to the cat. One person even took a video, I don’t know who posted it online but it is clear that it will go viral on social media. As the video went viral, one could watch the bottom of the blender turn red, showing the gruesome and grotesque fate that befell the innocent cat. In the second half of the viral video, the cat’s corpse is removed from the blender.

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