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Not only that 90 day fiance Star Kalani Faagata became famous on the show with her partner Asuela Pulaa, but she also introduced viewers to her younger sister, Kolini Faagata. The fans were there when Kalani was having a hard time at times, Kolini was the one she called.

Now we will tell you everything about Kolina in the rest of the text.

90 day fiance: Meet Kolini Faagat, Kalani’s sister

Kolini Faagata was seen throughout the entire sixth season. 90 day fiance and seasons 5 and 6 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? as Kalani’s sister. Since then, the two sisters have also continued to entertain fans with their pranks. 90 Day Fiancé: Pillow Talk.

Although Kolini plays a minor role in her sister’s story in 90 day fiance viewers loved her anyway. She was especially liked by her comment about the spin-off, 90 Day Fiancé: Pillow Talk.

Kolini, who jokes about having “the same brain” as her sister, said her favorite thing to do is sit on her bed and talk “shit” with her sister.

Fans also thought that Kolini was “the most normal person” on the show, and praised her for being open and always telling the truth throughout the seasons. In particular, she never repressed her feelings for her brother-in-law Asuelo or her family. However, some had a different opinion about her “too much interference” in her sister’s relationship.

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Who is Kolini Faagat’s fiancé?

At the time of writing, Kolini Faagata was still engaged to her fiancé Matthew, aka Matt.

Kolini Faagata seen with her fiancé on their engagement day (PHOTO: Facebook)

Kolini revealed a romantic beach proposal in August 2022 on her social media. By all accounts, Matthew probably popped the question on August 28. In the shared footage, crying and yet very happy, he showed Kolina her beautiful ring, and before that, Matthew handed it over to her by getting down on one knee. A few days later, Kolini announced her engagement again and thanked everyone who helped her be everything she wanted.

Kolini has not revealed her wedding plans so far. But fans already believe that she is ready for marriage and children.

Kolini, who considers herself a funny aunt, has no children of her own. People liked to see her as nothing less than a mother to her nephews. Once the father of the Asuela children was away from the United States, she truly considered herself her father.

We still don’t know how Kolini met Matthew and how it all started. Only until December 2021 episodes 90 day fiance, Kolini teased him as her new man. She hasn’t officially introduced him to her family yet. She only told fans that she “might” find out more about him “in her due time.”

Fast forward to today, Kolini began routinely featuring Matthew in her social media posts. Even now, however, she did not reveal any other details besides his name. Also, since she had never tagged him before, her social media accounts were nowhere to be found.

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Kolini and her husband-to-be have been seen kissing multiple times in Kolini’s photos on social media.

Kolini Faagata age

Since Kolini Faagata was born in 1991, he turned 31 in 2023.

Kolini Faagat’s work: what does he do?

Kolini is listed on her LinkedIn as a seasoned photographer with a proven track record in the wedding industry. The description says that she is an expert in wedding, portrait, lifestyle and fashion photography and that she is a seasoned art and design professional with a love for social media and marketing.

Since April 2014, Kolini has been working as a freelance photographer at Kolini’s photo.

Previously, between June 2015 and June 2016, Kolini was a contributing photographer on local lifestyle Magazine. And even before that, from August 2012 to October 2014, she worked as an online retail manager at The hair comes as a bride..

How much is Kolini Faagat’s net worth?

Kolini Faagata reportedly had a net worth of close to $300K as of February 2023.

Kolini appears to have had only a secondary education. Between 2006 and 2010 she studied at Trabuco Hills High School.

Is Kolini Faagata on Instagram?

Actually. Kolini Faagata could be found on Instagram @kolinilynne with 659 posts and 313k followers as of February 24, 2023. And here she introduced herself as “that fun traveling auntie”.

She was also followed by 3991 people on Facebook ‘Kolini Faagata’.

Related FAQ

  • When is Kolini Faagat’s birthday?

Kolini Faagata’s birthday is December 14. On this day in 2021, she kissed at age 20 with Matthew. She looked like she was having a funeral themed party as all the decorations were black, white and silver. The birthday girl even had headstones and balloons that read “RIP 20’s.”

  • Where does Kolini Faagata live?

Since February 2023, Kolini Faagata has called Rancho Santa Margarita, California, her home. She did not reveal if she was also born and raised here.

  • How tall is Kolini Faagata?

The beautiful Kolini Faagata, a fan favorite, stands around 5 feet 5 inches tall.

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