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This experience is based on the 2006 anime of the same name Katekyō HITMAN REBORN! This is the brand’s gaming product for smartphones. Released to satisfy fans of the original anime series. Immerse yourself in Reborn’s universe. Gather the strongest teammates to form your mafia gang. Follow the protagonist from weakling to influential mafia leader. TUTOR HITMAN REGENERATED! Combines a lot of story elements, tactics and beautiful graphics. Gives you the feeling of watching cartoons while interacting with your favorite characters. Get ready to play the role of mafia leader. Block and take down those who try to get in your way.

Games designed in the anime style don’t always yield many archetypes. BUT HITMAN GOVERNMENT REBIRTH! That is the exception. Famous scenes from the cartoon, the lines that make up the icons and the characters are created. Almost everything will be transferred to the player in the most detail. This in no way reduces the value of the work.

On the contrary, it also makes players extremely excited and excited. Once again they meet many characters who create emotions for them. This time, we will fight together and participate in the main plot of the game.

Download TUTOR HITMAN REBORN!Mods – Journey to become a notorious mafia boss

Enter the normal life of high school student Sawada Tsunayoshi. He was originally a weak person, he was bullied and called meaningless. Life goes on like that until a mysterious figure named Reborn appears. He is said to be the perfect heir to the tenth generation of the Pengola Mafia. Although he didn’t intend to agree at first because he didn’t want to fight, but after Reborn’s training, Tsuna became stronger after going through many things. He came out as a more responsible person. Play the role of mafia family heir and fight against any enemies. That anime story became the content of this game.

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TUTOR HITMAN REBORN TOUR! The prototype is from the aforementioned anime series. So you will be the creator of the Tsuna mafia gang. As the main character goes through many different details. Recruit influential members and hold the most important role in the gang. Meet and fight villains big and small. The hidden strength of the character will be revealed at a certain time. The rest is up to you, who will form the gang.

Tutor HITMAN REBORN mod apk

Expanding the size of the gang

The fighting characters in Katekyō HITMAN REBORN! There will be many similarities. Here are the similarities and differences of the indicators. First of all, the number of stars you have is used to indicate the level of the member. 5 stars are the rarest and strongest characters. The level system increases as you take them into battle or use up resources. All characters have four different skills. True to the power of the original anime. Many other equally important stats such as damage, armor and health are rated on an S scale. Gold and Diamond are the two main currencies that help you trade.

Tutor HITMAN REBORN mod apk free

play strategy

The characters will move across the screen to fight the enemy in all battles. There are 4 main skills: Surfing skill, used to avoid the opponent’s attack. This can be seen as another form of confrontation, but more accessible and engaging. Change the character’s position to avoid enemy skills. Combine skills to create devastating combos and deal more damage. Surfing skills can change your entire gameplay as they can be used to instantly dodge opponent’s attacks. Defeat small enemies to become the boss with huge health. Based on anime villains, defeat them to complete milestones.

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Tutor HITMAN REBORN mod for free

Infinite mode

Overcoming complex challenges in story mode is difficult and takes a long time. But when you’re done, you don’t need to worry about having anything else to do. Currently, tutor HITMAN REBORN! Players can enjoy the four additional modes in other ways. The first is experimenting with co-op, a mode that helps you bond with other players. The two will join forces to fight many new forces. Enemy’s powerful attacks are another name for PvP mode. Players show everyone where the most interesting skills are. Spanner’s advanced battle simulation gives you additional battle tactics cards. And Family Activity will be under constant attack.


The heir of the most notorious mafia gang to strengthen your power. Use personal skill and smart strategy to eliminate enemies in the blink of an eye. TUTOR HITMAN REGENERATED! Bringing you the full experience of most anime. Bring back familiar and iconic characters. Come together and become a real family. Join Katekyō HITMAN REBORN to defeat all enemies and build the most powerful mafia gang ever! Department of Defense.

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