Justin Salinas Bio, Age, Partner, Parents, Is It Cake, Too?

Tracking Is it cake? The success of Season 1, the over-the-top roasting battle returns for Season 2. It premiered on Netflix on June 30, 2023. A new group of bakers specializing in hyper-realistic cakes, just like the old days, are once again tasked with making the most amazing cake objects, hoping to fool expert chefs and celebrity guests and win their share of $120,000 . Justin Salinas, a cake artist and content creator, is one of the contestant bakers on the show. In this writing, therefore, let’s get to know him better.

Justin Salinas on Netflix Is that a cake too?

Justin Salinas can be seen promoting his participation on Netflix these days Is that a cake too?. “I’m really nervous for Is It Cake! So many were watching you.. 😝🙊”, he once said. At the same time, he also sees it as an opportunity to grow his business. He invited people to join him for baking classes in Bakersfield, California.

Excited, he also promised people that this season of the game show-style competitive cooking show is “absolutely crazy.” He says it’s “truly disjointed in the BEST way.” He said that the cakes are bigger and wilder this time, and so is the viewer, and that it’s better for the viewers to forget everything they remember from the previous season.

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Justin has also made quite a few appearances on HBO Max Baketopia in April 2021. Even before that, in November 2019, he also faced a $10,000 reward on the Food Network Christmas Cookie Challenge. Until the end of 2019, Justin was the host Cake Nite or Cookie Night four times a month, for 80 adults, and occasionally children, where he taught them step by step how to create decadently decorated desserts. And those events always sold out minutes after tickets went live.

The work of Justin Salinas

For the past fifteen-plus years, Justin Salinas has been in the industry as a dessert artist and content creator. He specializes in cakes and pastries.

In addition to posting his baking videos online, he also runs in-person classes at his company, Cake with Justin. About his classes, Justin said that they are not just any classes, but the ones with 60 people in each class every Monday and sometimes Thursday. He also bragged about having an assistant named Katie.

After graduating in social work, he started Cakes with Justin some 5 years ago in his kitchen with only 5 people.

Justin was only 15 when he was diagnosed with kidney failure. During that difficult period, watching cake decorating videos became a respite for him. So, after recovering from the transplant, he decided to take up baking full-time as a career and hasn’t looked back since.

Is Justin Salinas on Instagram?

That. You can find Justin Salinas on Instagram. As of July 1, 2023, the account @cakeitwithjustin included 619 posts and 116k followers. Apparently he mostly posted cake and cookie content here.

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He also occasionally glanced at his Facebook roast ‘Justin Salinas’. And recently, he also started regularly uploading videos on his TikTok @cakeitwithjustin. So far, it has hosted 36.4K followers here.

Age of Justin Salinas

Justin Salinas was born in 1991. So, in 2022, he turned 32 years old.

Who are the parents of Justin Salinas?

Of his parents, Ann and Carlos Salinas, Justin has often spoken fondly of how “WILDLY SUPPORTIVE” they are. According to him, they have always done so much for him and his cake and cake business.

Justin actually even received a kidney transplant from his mother when he was 21 years old. He said it did wonders for his health and gave him a new perspective on life. As recently as last year, he wrote in a lengthy post of gratitude how the kidney transplant had served him incredibly well over the last 10 years.

About the need for a kidney, Justin’s sister and close family are ready to donate if necessary, Justin informed his fans on the Internet.

Justin’s mom turned 55 and his dad turned 59 in December 2022. According to LinkedIn, both were owners Liberty Career College in Bakersfield, California since August 2006. Over the years, the institution has provided post-secondary vocational training programs to its students.

Especially about his mother, Justin said that she is his biggest supporter. A decorator herself, she really was always such an amazing cheerleader. We’re told she shares, likes and comments on every photo Justin posts on social media.

As for siblings, Justin told his people on social media about his younger sister who gave birth to twins, two healthy boys, on February 12, 2019. In addition, he also showed the world his beautiful “cute” baby niece.

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Partner of Justin Salinas

Justin Salinas is openly gay. He often spoke of feeling proud to be out there as a “gay Latino.” He also talked about the difficulties of being 15 and “very nerdy” and “quietly gay” from a “conservative” town.

However, as of this writing, Justin has decided not to tell anyone about his partner (if he has/had one).

Related FAQs

  • When is Justin Salinas’ birthday?

Justin Salinas’ birthday is July 14, which makes him a Cancer. Last year on this day, he posted on his social networks and said: “Today I became another year older💕. Not wiser.. just older. 🤡 We are looking forward to the best yet!”.

  • Where is Justin Salinas from?

As of June 2023, Justin Salinas lived in Bakersfield, California. However, as for his background, he said only that he comes from a very “conservative” town in California.

  • How tall is Justin Salinas?

Justin Salinas is over 6 feet tall.

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