Jujutsu Kaisen: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Megumi Fushiguro

Megumi Fushiguro is one of the more conservative protagonists of the show. Jujutsu Kaisen. His nonchalant demeanor and powerful shikigami endear him to fans. However, his little-known backstory and personality quirks will bring fans’ appreciation for him to a new level.

Throughout the first season and the manga, fans witnessed Megumi working under the strongest magician Gojo Satoru as they established Megumi as one of the most powerful jujutsu magicians to come. But what’s going on in Kei’s mind when he’s not training? Does he enjoy anything else besides trying to protect people? he Do you believe it is kind?

He reads non-fiction books

Based on the official fan book and volume 1 Jujutsu Kaisen Comics, Megumi enjoys reading non-fiction books. While it appears in his character profile in the comics, a large portion of fans either skip it or don’t understand the comics.

One of Megumi’s comforts is the clothes he wears around the house, like big shirts and sweatpants, and he was once seen eating pizza in bed with Yuuji and Nohara. It makes sense, then, that his hobby is a lighter, more fun activity.See he is one of the smartest people Jujutsu Kaisen He found that nonfiction books may be more trustworthy for acquiring knowledge.

He is very important to the Zen’in family

Hui smiles brightly as she uses her power to create her own domain

Many fans know Megumi as a schismatic member of the Zen’in clan who doesn’t really care what they do or whether he’s involved in their decisions. However, many viewers may not realize that their attraction to Megumi is because he inherited the Jukage Jutsu, unlike his aunts Maki and Mai Zenin.

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Not only has he inherited such a powerful technique, but as a second-grade mage, he has already taken the first step in his own domain, Chimera Shadow Garden. This is where he can summon the eight-handled sword of the strongest shikigami to merge with Shiro God General Mahologa. He was invaluable to the tribe, even for those who were willing to step in and take charge, and he didn’t think that was what he needed to do.

He is very particular about food

Nohara, Megumi and Yuji share pizza

Megumi doesn’t like red bell peppers, a slightly sweet vegetable. He likes foods paired with ginger, such as chicken. The baseball episode even specifies that he prefers breast meat in Nanban Chicken and thigh meat in Oyakodon.

The only time fans actually see Megumi eat is when he, Nohara, and Yuuji are eating pizza in his room, and he complains that the pizza is hard to digest. During the Juju Walk, all the students were asked whether they preferred rice or bread, and Megumi said rice without hesitation. There’s no clear explanation why Megumi is so picky about his food, but knowing exactly what he likes fits his character well, and it seems to come up a lot in the “Juju Strolls” at the end of the credits.

he cares deeply

Megumi, Yuuji, and Nohara were laughing while walking during the Jujutsu Kaisen.

From the moment fans meet Megumi, they can assume that he knows his role as a jujutsu mage and wants to fulfill it, as he will obey Gojo’s orders even when he’s annoyed and his opponents are scared When it comes to him, he also plans to fight. He volunteered to stand out in the jiu-jitsu world because of his beliefs, even saying “I have confidence in my sense of morality.”

In the manga, when first- and second-year students discuss a Kyoto Sister Schools goodwill event, Yuuji can only offer his hand-to-hand combat as a combat option. When the panda doubts him, Megumi speaks up: “If this fight didn’t involve cursed energy, Itadori would win.” It’s a small moment, but for someone like Megumi who doesn’t speak unless absolutely necessary, it’s Proving that he’s happy that Yuuji is alive, he gets Megumi’s vote of confidence. Moments like this are all over the anime and manga, and if fans look closely enough, they’ll catch his little smile.

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He is Capricorn

Fushiguro Megumi’s sun sign is Capricorn

Megumi Fushiguro was born on December 22 and is a Capricorn. No one can truly fulfill every stereotype of their primary sign (also known as their sun sign). However, Megumi meets almost all the criteria of a typical Capricorn.

Capricorns are said to be loyal, hardworking, and stoic. Megumi is practical, loyal, and absolutely stoic. These traits were evident from the moment he met Gojo Satoru, who was just a first-year student and was uninterested in what Gojo told him about his family and future. His attitudes and actions while growing up are one of the reasons why he becomes the person he is. Jujutsu Kaisen Fan favorite. He gets the job done, loves his friends, and maintains an aura of mystery.

He was impressed by his Chinese character celebrity quiz

Flashback to when Megumi met Gojo

As Nohara points out, while Megumi doesn’t reveal much about his personal life, he seems to know a lot about what’s going on in the world around him, even if it doesn’t involve a curse. In Jujutsu Walk at the end of the manga, Gojo gives Nohara, Yuuji, and Megumi a kanji celebrity test.

Emi loses to Yuuji, which isn’t surprising since Yuuji loves movies, but Emi still beats Nohara. She even commented beforehand that he shouldn’t show off. Whether it’s proof of his knowledge of kanji or his knowledge of celebrities, fans won’t know. Either way, this proves that he knows more than just witchcraft.

He has an unexpected theme song assigned by the creator

Megumi Fushiguro uses black flash

Creator Gege Akutami wanted to get rid of character profile pages and instead create a list of theme songs for each character. Jujutsu Kaisen Features. Megumi’s theme songs are “Hakujitsumu” by Uchujin and “Island in the Sun” by Weezer.

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“Hakujitsumu” builds gradually and has an overall sound that feels like it’s growing from within. “Island in the Sun” leads fans to believe that Megumi imagined a time when she could enjoy things at her own pace. They are all unexpected but welcome themes assigned to the characters.

He laughs for the first time during a finger-wielding fight

Megumi's head was injured and bleeding during the fight with the finger-wielding man, while laughing.

Sometimes Megumi would smile shyly and share the joy with Yuuji and Nohara. In other moments, he shows that he knows how much his friends care about him. Still, he didn’t laugh with them. In fact, he had never laughed out loud before his death arc at the end of season one.

When Megumi fights against the Hachibashi Palm Curse, he takes a severe blow to the head and realizes it is more powerful than he expected. Megumi expanded his domain “Chimera Shadow Garden” and laughed maniacally. Most fans are hoping for joy-based laughs in the future, but this one really makes Megumi realize that he doesn’t have to sacrifice himself just because his enemies are stronger.

His name has special meaning

Hui rubbed the back of his head thoughtfully

Megumi is traditionally a more feminine Japanese name. It roughly translates as “blessing” or “grace.” Although Megumi always believed that he was not special or that he was just fulfilling a role at Tokyo Jujutsu High School, he was given this name because he expected that one day he could save many people and become a powerful jujutsu magician.

Megumi’s “strange personality,” as he calls it, doesn’t necessarily reflect the meaning behind his name, but those in his life will agree he’s a blessing. Although he prefers to be called “Fushiguro”, his name still stands out because he is powerful in person.

Melee skills

Megumi prepares to train with Maki's staff.

It’s mentioned throughout the anime that Emi, despite being a Shikigami user, is impressive in close combat, and they usually attack from a distance. He did not achieve these abilities through natural talent alone.

In addition to training with Gojo, he also trains with Maki and her cursed weapon. This is evident from her guidance in using the Jet Black Sword and the three-stage Kageun weapon to work together when fighting Hanami at the Kyoto event.

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