Jersey Shore: Snooki Explains Her Most Famous Outfits on Twitter

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi embarks on a journey back in memory as she tells the story behind some of her most questionable stories. Jersey Shore Clothes over the years. Amidst the many fights and controversies that take place on the show, some iconic looks Jersey Shore as. Most of the boldest fashion statements come from Nicole, the most fan-favorite character on the line. Snooki has always brought a sense of humor to the series by being funny and wild about himself. Although she has matured since the movie came out in 2009, Nicole has retained her sense of humour. Check out some of the best stories she shares Twitter explain her symbolism Jersey Shore clothes.

Coat over skirt last night

Snooki’s trip down memory lane begins Tuesday night when Jersey Shore A fan shared the photo above and tagged Nicole in it. Nicole explained that in the photo, she’s still wearing the dress from the night before. she doesn’t want to feel”total‘, so she’s also wearing a zebra print vest and a dazzling hat. After fans enjoyed learning about the story behind the photo, Nicole encouraged them to submit more photos of her other signature looks.

lunch break

While this is one of Nicole’s more laid-back styles, that doesn’t mean the outfit detracts from her “party-heavy” antics. According to Snooki, the water bottle she was holding was filled with vodka. She helped drag me drunk to lunch with vodka and cigarettes.

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when she gets booed

It’s good that Nicole can barely see through those blinding glasses, because long before she was a business mogul, seven thousand people booed her. Luckily, she was able to hide behind glasses and a matching dazzling hat.

elegant look

As pictured above, Snooki swapped out her leopard print hat and vibrant hat for a more chic look a few days ago. Specifically, she wore this”elegant‘ Dress up for her appearance show by wendy williamsOne thing Nicole won’t give up is her signature pomp.

Iconic leopard print

When Snooki became a pop culture phenomenon, it didn’t take long for her fans to learn that she’s always loved wearing animal print outfits. However, this particular look is her all-time favorite leopard print outfit. In the tweet, Nicole explained her love for Hello Kitty, while joking that she couldn’t see through her glasses.

ice wallet

Nicole pays great attention to her fashion choices. She once spent four hours covering her entire purse with zebra tape. This could be the start of her creative business side.

Mike’s neck brace

This one might win Nicole’s most iconic look. One day, she decided to borrow a neck brace from Mike The Situation while in Italy to escape her job at a pizzeria. Then she wears it to the local bar, Jersey Shore Fans never forget that.

source: Snowy’s Twitter

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