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Cooking is a lifelong passion for Jai Xiong. Then, when she was selected for the ninth season of the Spring Baking Championship, without a second thought, she “cancelled her plans and started abusing”.

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Jai Xiong at the spring baking championship

Food Network’s Spring Baking Championships premiered on March 6, 2023, and this time they seemed to have handpicked expert bakers from many different backgrounds. Among them was Jai Xiong, who grew up helping the family’s food business for local Hmong festivals.

According to Jai, Food Network offered him to participate in the Spring Baking Championship. “I hope everyone will come together to watch me compete and laugh at all my clumsiness and clumsiness,” Jai joked in an IG post. “It has been an incredible journey that has been both exciting and challenging. I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in this with a fantastic group of talented chefs.”

Also, just before the premiere, she reminded those close to her of the time she “had to cancel plans and was MIA for a long time” before finally revealing that she was cast as a contestant on the popular Food Network show. “It was the hardest secret I’ve ever had to keep! I hope everyone comes together to see me compete with these 11 amazing pastry chefs,” she said.

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Last time we checked, Jai won the first episode with strawberry filling and ice cream flavored foam. Panelist Duff Goldman said her decor gave her the win, as the pipes looked like a 3D garden.

How much is Jai Xiong’s net worth?

Jai Xiong has earned a net worth of over $400k by 2023.

Passionate about cooking from a very young age, Jai has always loved to experiment with flavors and has had the creative freedom to explore the different results of each ingredient. So, in 2014, he opened his own home bakery under Minnesota’s Home Food Laws. At the time, he was attending Le Cordon Bleu in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

So after Jai graduated with her AAS degree in 2016, the following year she received her business certification through the Neighborhood Development Center (NDC) and joined the Interlachen Country Club as an Executive Pastry Chef.

Two and a half years later, Jai finally accepted the decision and founded Amour Patisserie LLC. At first, he ran his business out of a shared commercial kitchen, thanks to the high cost of renting a kitchen and all the associated fees. But having had enough, he launched a fundraiser to purchase his own cake studio in November 2021.

His store is now located at 865A Pierce Butler Route St, Saint Paul, MN. Their specialties are wedding and birthday cakes. “It makes me happy to see people enjoy high-end, specialty desserts made from scratch. There’s a special place in my heart where the beauty of cakes and desserts comes from,” she said.

In total, he has been in the food industry for over a decade working with several major companies: he became a pastry chef at the age of 23 and continued that career to become an executive pastry chef at the age of 25 at Interlachen country club. Today she is the proud owner and founder of Amour Patisserie.

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Find Amour Patisserie on IG @amourpatisseriemn and FB @amourpatisseriemn.

Disability Jai Xiong: Do you have a speech impediment?

No, Jai Xiong does not have a speech impediment. However, she appears to be hard of hearing and she may be partially deaf.

Baker opened up about his hearing problems on YouTube’s The Jason Show. In the episode, when asked by host Jason Matheson how he found out she was on the show, Jai explained that she told the production team about her hearing problems and asked that he not come over the phone.

Is Jai Xiong married?

No, as of 2023, Jai Xiong is single if her FB relationship status is to be believed. Also, since it is mentioned that she is “single”, she also does not have a boyfriend.

The Jai Xiong family

Jai Xiong comes from a family of at least five members of Hmong descent. Jai’s parents ran their own catering business for local Hmong festivals, and Jai grew up helping them. They are her biggest inspiration.

The baker also recalled how her mother constantly baked and cooked in the kitchen. She was always amazed when she perfected the recipes. “It was so much fun watching her bake,” Jai added.

As for his siblings, Jai has a brother named Charles Xiong who majored in Kinesiology at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities and a sister named Xiong Yeng who is a digital creator. They both supported her career.

Other members of Jai’s family are Dao Xiong, Pang Xiong, Kalia Xiong, and Chiv Xiong.

Jai Xiong’s age

Jai Xiong was 29 years old when he appeared at the 2023 Spring Baking Championship.

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How tall is Jai Xiong?

Jai Xiong is less than 5 feet 1 inch (155 cm) tall.

Referring to his distinctive features, Jai has dark hair, hazel eyes, a square face, and a healthy body.

Related FAQ

  • When is Jai Xiong’s birthday?

Jai receives birthday wishes on June 1 and belongs to the zodiac sign Gemini.

  • Where is Jai Xiong from?

Jai is a native of Savage, MN.

  • Is Jai Xiong on Instagram and Facebook?

As of March 2023, find her on Instagram @jaixiong07 with 496 followers.

Also, here is his Facebook @jai.xiong.39.

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