It's wrong in the Democratic primary in Iowa

The Democratic Party’s widow in the US state of Iowa was very chaotic that Monday due to some problems with the application that allows districts,

The widow of the Democratic Party in the US state of Iowa was very chaotic on Monday due to some problems with the application, which allows districts, their results were transient. That’s what happened with the big tech breakdown when the election was live on television.”

In all, more than sixteen schools, community centers and public libraries in the state of Iowa gathered Monday to vote for the Democratic nominee in November’s presidential election.

In previous elections, the results of which are collected with the help of a dialler, in which volunteers from different stemloketten passed the result of the call. But this time he wanted, the Democratic Party of Iowa, available as a mobile application, which is the election results will be some time.

The app was developed specifically for Democratic primaries, so Democrats are more transparent, can communicate with you about election results, and can more easily share more information. Volunteers had to download the application and then go to the headquarters of the Democratic Party to transfer the election results to their office.

Volunteers stood waiting for hours”

But before the polling stations open at that time, then everything goes wrong. The media complained more about the volunteers who could not log in to the application.

There could be a lot of volunteers on election night, and the app doesn’t use that because it always crashes. According to Democrats who had the app, it suffers from a “developer problem”. In addition, it is emphasized that it will not be hacked.

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When it was election night, it was clear that the vote had passed, and the application was no longer working, it started with the volunteers to go back to the previous system call. It was the headquarters of the Democratic Party, only it was not ready for that; all telephone lines were repaired.

“We had people on the phone, that is from 9:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. they were waiting in line,” Linn County County Executive Bret Nilles, a Democrat, told Reuters.

Mary Schneider, director of Verified Voting, will talk about a major tech meltdown in a televised election.” Verified Voting, a group that advocates for secure election-time technology.

Search results for three days later, more than

election results were expected to be announced Monday night before lights out, but they did not begin to leak until Wednesday afternoon. According to Schneider, the good news is that the apps are only used to transmit results and vote for themselves.

“All the results that are written down,” she said. When they voted, people just filled in a form in which their first and second choices were recorded. These votes have been preserved, and the election results are not clear.

in the American state of Nevada, and all the confusion reigned and decided to join the primary elections of the Democratic Party in order to stop using the application. On February 11th, still in New Hampshire, it was voted on, but the app apparently hasn’t been tested.

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Updated date: February 5, 2020, 3:00 p.m

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