Is That Laenor Velaryon With Seasmoke In House Of The Dragon Season 2?!

Warning: Contains spoilers for the book Fire and of the scenes Dragon House The trailer for Season 2 may reveal Laenor Velaryon’s surprise return with his dragon Seasmoke, but that might not be what’s happening. Dragon House In Season 1, Lynor faked his own death, leading everyone in Westeros to believe he had been killed, while allowing him to escape to Essos and live a quiet life with his lover Cal Corey. His story seems to end there, although it’s possible he could return.

The fact that Leno is still alive means it’s at least theoretically possible that he could return Dragon House second season.It’ll be an even bigger change for George RR Martin fire and blood Than he survived in the first place, not to mention Rhaenyra Targaryen’s story also changed. despite this, Dragon House The trailer for season two really teased it.

Sea Smoke returns for House of the Dragon season 2 – but with Hull’s Adamu

Sea Smoke gets a new rider in Season 2 of House of the Dragon.

at a certain moment Dragon House The Season 2 trailer shows Rhaenyra and her dragon Sirax coming face to face with another dragon and a mysterious unidentifiable man. However, the dragon appears to be Seasmoke, which was previously ridden by Ryno and lost its rider after his “death”. The same dragon appears in another shot, flying over the heads of new characters. Since Rhaenyra needed dragonriders and one of her children with Lynor (even though he wasn’t the real father) was killed, he could theoretically come back to save the world. Rhaenyra’s disbelieving reaction only bolstered the idea.

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House of the Dragon Season 2 Trailer Glitch Related House of the Dragon Season 2 Trailer Details: 11 Story Reveals and Hidden Details The first trailer for House of the Dragon Season 2 has been released. This one-minute shot is packed with story details and foreshadowing for the season.

However, it’s not Ryno in the trailer, but a character named Addam of Hull (who is electronic warfare Confirmed to be played by Clinton Liberty).in book fire and bloodAdam and his brother Arryn responded to Rhaenyra and the black men’s call for more dragonriders to occupy the Unmanned Dragons. Adam and Irene are ostensibly the illegitimate children of Lenore and a woman named Marilda from Driftmark. However, given that Lenore was gay, the children’s parentage was in doubt, with some speculating that they were actually the illegitimate children of Lord Corliss.

Regardless of who his father was, Adam was able to bond with Leno’s dragon Seasmoke and become his new rider in the Dance of the Dragons. Considering Adam’s role in the books, and the fact that there’s already an actor in the role, it would make more sense for him to claim ownership of “Sea Smoke” at this point. Rhaenyra’s reaction would also be fitting, as she would see her “late” husband’s dragons taken by someone else and learn that he did have a child with another woman before marrying her, despite her Rhaenyra had no children.

Could Leno return to House of the Dragon?

This is possible, but shouldn’t happen.

John MacMillan Lenor Valerian House of the Living Dragon Season 1

That’s not Leno though Dragon House trailer for season 2, which doesn’t necessarily mean he won’t be back. After all, he’s alive, but there are some unresolved things, like his parents not knowing he’s actually alive. There is a narrative tension to his return, as it will have significant consequences for Rhaenyra and her children, but there are also clear personal motivations for the death of one of his children and the threat to his remaining children.

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At the same time, Ryno’s return would also be a huge book change and difficult to reconcile with the rest of the story. This would call into question the legitimacy of Rhaenyra’s marriage to Daemon, as well as the legitimacy of their children. Considering that Rhaenyra and Daemon’s son would eventually become king, and that Adamu of Hel would be riding Seamist anyway (eliminating one of the most important roles that Lynor could have played), then Lynor’s return would be a huge benefit to him The risk is too great. Dragon House Really consider it. This is also a situation that cannot be completely ruled out.

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