Is That Blonde Kid Really Aegon’s Bastard? Why He’s So Important

warning! This article contains spoilers for Fire and Blood and House of the Dragon Season 1, Episode 9!dragon house Episode 9 briefly focuses on a blond boy who is said to be one of Aegon Targaryen’s bastards, whose age and background make him an extremely important figure in the future war. When Ser Alec and Eric Cargill were searching for Aegon dragon house In episode 9, Knight reveals that over the past six years, he has become a heretic in Flea Bottom, fathering countless bastards, observing children in pits, and sexually assaulting women without consequences. Considering that Aegon is now king, the fact of his bastard son also exposes Aliceente and the Greens’ hypocrisy towards Rhaenyra, which is even more disturbing.

Silver haired boy inside dragon house Episode 9 appears Gaemon Palehair, the illegitimate son of Aegon Targaryen in the novel by George RR Martin fire and blood Book. Gamon was about four years old when the Dragon Dance began, and his mother was a Silk Street prostitute named Essie. Although Aegon never acknowledged Guymon, after Aegon’s disappearance, the women of the House of Kiss made him king, and Rhaenyra usurped the Iron Throne, Aegon fled the Red Keep. When Rhaenyra fled the capital amid a series of riots, Aegon’s bastard son, Gamon Whitehair, was one of the three “Pretender” kings of the Three Kings. Guymon rules the House of Kisses and has thousands of followers, who seem to include prostitutes, sex workers, thieves, drunks, mercenaries, and gangs. fire and blood Gaemon’s court interprets four decrees: that sons and daughters have equal inheritance rights, that the poor have bread and beer during the famine, that the lords must provide housing and food for wounded men who fight for them, and that husbands who beat their wives are also beaten.

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Is Gaemon really the bastard son of Aegon Targaryen?

Since there’s no DNA test in Westeros it’s nearly impossible to prove the bastard’s true origins, but Gaemon’s gray hair and Aegon’s famous promiscuity support the claim. Considering that Alisson was only able to prevent the women attacked by Aegon in the Red Keep from becoming pregnant, it is unknown how many illegitimate children he gave birth to in the flea nest. Similar to Robert Baratheon’s illegitimate children, such as Gendry, their dark hair is confirmed. Game of Thrones, the bastards of Aegon could hardly refuse to show off their Valyrian silver hair. However, there are still some questions about Guymon’s origins. dragon house. fire and blood It is revealed that Gamon’s mother, Essie, was tortured to confirm that his father was indeed a silver-haired Lys rower, but that could be a false confession.

What happened to the white-haired Gaimon in House of the Dragon

HOTD Episode 9

like many people dragon house In character, Aegon’s son, Guymon Whitehair, had a short lifespan. After Rhaenyra’s death, Gaemon was captured by Aegon and spared his life due to his advanced age, and after his mother and followers were executed, the king allowed him to become the royal guardian. Gaemon’s father, Aegon II Targaryen, soon died of poisoning, and Rhaenyra’s son, Aegon III Targaryen, became King of Westeros. Gaemon later became the Lone King’s only friend, as he reminded Aegon of his missing brother Viserys.

The son of Aegon II Targaryen, who later became young Aegon’s taster and scapegoat, Rhaenyra’s son grew increasingly resentful of those who had defeated Gemon in his stead. When Aegon’s brother Viserys returned, Gaemon was quickly abandoned by the king, and tragedy quickly struck the nine-year-old butler. In 135 AD, Gamon and Aegon’s wife Dianara were poisoned, resulting in the death of their son Aegon II, while the young queen recovered. As if the boy King Aegon III Targaryen hadn’t suffered enough for the moment. dragon houseDuring the Civil War, he was devastated by the death of Guymon Whitehair.

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