‘Innocent’ parents face 30 years in jail for drug-smuggling after name tags put on cocaine-filled suitcases at airport

A COUPLE have been jailed in Turkey after airport “staff” tagged their luggage on suitcases containing 43kg of cocaine.

Parents Ahmed Hasan and Malak Treki now face up to 30 years in prison and may never see their two young sons grow up.


Dad Ahmed Hasan lived in Brazil before he wanted to return to his native LibyaCredit: ProvidedMalak Treki in the picture with one of his children


Malak Treki pictured with one of his children Credits: SubmittedPicture taken on October 22, 2023, when Ahmed and his wife checked six bags and two trolleys at Guarulhos Airport in Sao Paulo, Brazil


Image taken on October 22, 2023, when Ahmed and his wife checked six bags and two trolleys at Guarulhos Airport in Sao Paulo, BrazilCredit: SubmittedAhmed Hasan spoke to the Brazilian media before the closure


Ahmed Hasan spoke to Brazilian media before the closure Credit: TVGlobo

On October 22, 2022, the couple and their children took a direct flight to Turkey from São Paulo International Airport, where they checked in two strollers and six suitcases.

But tags taken from one of the carts were used four days later on bags containing 43kg of cocaine, Brazilian police said.

An investigation by Brazilian police revealed that Ahmed and Malak were victims of an international gang that switched luggage at the airport.

But Turkish authorities insist the couple must remain in prison until a final trial in May.

dr. Luna Provazio, the couple’s lawyer in Brazil, told The Sun that their children – aged two and four – cry every day for their parents.

She said: “The situation is absolutely tragic. Ahmed and Malak are in poor health and emotionally unwell.

“The two boys are being looked after by their grandparents in Libya, but every day they cry asking where their parents are.

They have no idea what’s going on.

Businessman Ahmed, who has Brazilian citizenship, decided to return to his native Libya after living in Brazil for almost two years.

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When the family landed in Turkey on October 23, 2022, they collected their luggage as expected and arrived in Libya.

We had luggage tags on our bags that were switched by drug dealers at the airport and ended up spending a MONTH in jailThe labels were allegedly taken from Ahmed and Malak's luggage


The tags were allegedly taken from Ahmed and Malak’s luggageCredit: TVGlobo43 kg of cocaine seized in Turkey


43 kg of cocaine seized in Turkey Credit: TVGloboCCTV shows the alleged fraudsters changing the tags on suitcases from another couple


CCTV shows alleged fraudsters changing tags on another couple’s suitcases Credits: Submitted

But almost seven months later, on May 19 last year, Ahmed traveled to Turkey on business – and was arrested upon landing.

It wasn’t until the next day – when a Turkish lawyer visited him in his airport cell – that he found out why he was being detained.

The 37-year-old previously told Globo: “She [the solicitor] said that I was being accused of international drug trafficking.

– I was scared, I almost died, it was a big shock for me.

Ahmed was detained for a day and was not allowed to leave the territory of Turkey until his first hearing on November 30 last year in Istanbul.

But the international drug trafficking charge also involved his wife – who was in Libya at the time with their two children.

She flew to Turkey after being asked to also attend the hearing and both Ahmed and Malak have been in prison since then.

Two boys are being looked after by their grandparents in Libya, but they cry every day asking where their parents are

Dr. Luna Provaziosolicitor

If convicted in May, the pair face up to 30 years in prison.

By then, their little ones will be in their 20s.

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Dr Provazio told The Sun that the Turkish authorities were wrong not to immediately inform the Brazilian police about the bags full of cocaine.

She said: “The Turkish police confiscated the bags and decided to investigate what happened.

“However, they did not inform the Brazilian police. And that was the biggest mistake.

“On the day the drugs arrived, Ahmed and Malak were no longer in Istanbul.

“They lived normally without even knowing they were under investigation.”

This meant that an important piece of evidence was lost, she explained.

“If the Turkish police had notified the Brazilian authorities as soon as they discovered the coffins, we would probably have CCTV images showing the tags being replaced,” Dr Provazio said.

“That would be a huge proof of Ahmed and Malak’s innocence.

“Unfortunately, the Brazilian Federal Police no longer has the images from October 2022 because their backup only lasts 30 to 60 days.

“Worse still, Brazil spent seven months not knowing what happened to one of its own citizens.”

Dr Provazio said that although there were no pictures, police in Brazil were able to conclude from other evidence that the couple were innocent.

“For example, the tag that the gang used to ship the cocaine was the tag that the gang took from part of their baby carriage,” she said.

“Part of the cart weighed 5 kg, and the gang put the same label on a suitcase weighing 43 kg. The numbers do not add up.

“The police also found evidence that the label had been processed and that it was very badly stuck, not to mention that the suitcase didn’t even leave on the same flight, but four days later.”

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They lived normally without even knowing that they were under investigation.

Dr. Luna Provaziosolicitor

Ahmed and Malak’s trial is now scheduled for May – and Dr. Provazio hopes their nightmare will finally be over by then.

“We have great evidence of innocence. There is no reason for the Turkish authorities to be so rigid,” she said.

“They were not made by lawyers, but by the Federal Police.

“Therefore, we are calm and confident in the quality of the evidence.

“We hope to give more clarity to Turkey, which they may not be aware of, that this crime has really happened before – as bizarre as it may seem.”

It comes as two Brazilian women also fell victim to the same cocaine chest scam.

Dr Provazio was also the lawyer for Jeanne Paolini and Katyna Baia, who went on holiday to Germany but ended up in jail for 38 days last year.

The pair were arrested in Frankfurt on suspicion of international drug trafficking after officers found cocaine in suitcases marked with their names.

Jeanne and Katyna were released only after images from the airport in Sao Paulo revealed the criminal activity of the “employees” who took care of transporting the luggage to the plane.

Personal trainer Katyna previously told The Sun: “We were guilty until proven innocent and were treated like convicted criminals from the start.”

CCTV shows the alleged fraudsters changing the tags on other suitcases in the previous case


CCTV shows alleged fraudsters changing tags on other suitcases in previous case Credit: SubmittedThe international drug gang operated from São Paulo International Airport


An international drug gang operated out of São Paulo International AirportCredit: Newsflash

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