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Indian Railways: Indian Railways This happened to him. एस स्थान , however, is not included, however, which is called the NMG train. अपने जाब , तो This is one of the best. . Through the medium of this article, we will learn about the railway of this train.

ship NMG

NMG त्रेन की New Modified Goods त्रेन होती है. इन ट्रेनोन He did it. इन ट्रेनोन This happened to me. This is why NMG trains are used in trains.

क्या हॉती है अग्याय

Speaking of identifying these trains, then the carriage of the passenger train will be modified, whereby all the seats will be removed from it and the luggage will be placed on the door at the end of the train, and the passengers will be forwarded. placed there. जाती है साथ साथ इन इन की ट्रेन को को को प ूरी तरह े दिया जाता है है जिससे कोई कोई क कोई न न सामान सामान से करे ।।। ।।। ।।। ।।। करे

किस चीज की होती धुलाई

इस ट्रेन This is one of the best. अग्या गया He did that to me.


में 18 to 20 years साल तक युजा . इस दाउरान periodic overhaul (POH) की ज आती . In more than 20 days, you can get 20 more pcs. Trainers are converted into NMG ships. From 75 to 110 articles

how many years have you used

This carriage is used by the railway for 8 to 10 years. तराह 30 years ago It was one of these. In addition, he has NMG and he is like him. The same goes for .

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हम अमेरी He did it. Click the link below to read other articles related to ships.

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